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New to most SampleTank users is Sonic Reality’s world of exotic wind, string and percussion instruments. Now with the World Instruments Collection you have access to one of the rare treasures of the Vault. From a Greek Bazouki to the Hurdy Gurdy, from an African Djembe to Dumbeks of the Medterranean, from a Japanese Shakuhachi to an Aremenian Duduk and beyond, this collection is a must-have for any songwriter/composer or producer looking to add unique exotic sounds collected from all over the world to their music.

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Ethnic Percussion
Parent Patches:

Vanilla Shakers
2 Dy Bongos
Add 3 Shika
African Djembe
African Hand Drm
African L1MN
African Perc. 2
Africn Marimba
Bohdran B
Chi Knock FLT
China Gongs
Conga 2DY
Dnx Bohdran
Dnx Bongo Boyz
Dr Shika
Dum Dumbek
Dumbek 2D
Dy Indian Perc
Dynamik Tablas
Filter Rainstick
Fx Rainstick
Indian Perc. 1
Indian Perc. 2
Indian Perc. 3
Kalimba Jones
Kalimba Stereo
King Conga MDX
L1 African Perc
L1 Shika
Latin Conga
Latin Perc. Map
Layered Shika
Mdx2 Conga
Misc Hand Perc
Misc Perc WT
R2 African Perc
Rosewd Marimba
Shakers and Misc
Steel Drum
Thumb Piano

Ethnic Stringed
Parent Patches:

Bala Vel
Zither Short
Banjo Dark
Banjo Fast
Banjo Licks
Banjo Mono
Banjo Noise
Bazouki F
Bazouki P
Celtic Harp 1
Celtic Harp 2
Celtic Harp 3
Dire Dobro
Dobro Bender
Dobro Licks
Dobro Strum Map
Dulci Tremolo
Dulcimer Sv
Fast Nylon
Flamenco Nylon
Hurdy & Drone
Hurdy Drone
Hurdy Gurdy
Indi VPitch D
Kantele Dynamix
Mandolin Baritone
Mandolin Ton
Mandolin Tone
Mandolin Trem VX
Mandolin Tremolo
Mariachi Fin
Mountain Dulci
Mute BuzzThing
Muted Nylon
NL2L Dobro Dnx
Nylon Spain
Psaltry Harp
Psaltry Bowd
Psaltry Plucked
Saz 1 2Dnx
Saz 2 2Dnx
Saz Dual
Saz MX
Saz Oct KPR
Sitar & Tamb
Sitar Hrp Wp
Spanish Nylon
Staccato Nylon
Tambura Tone
Ukele Dnx Trem
Ukele Tremolo
Ukelele 2Dnx
Ukelele Hard
Ukelele Soft
Yo Dobro Gtr

Ethnic Wind
Parent Patches:

A.Ney Flute
Titanical Flute
Accordion 1
Accordion 2
Alphorn NT
Alphorn MDNT
Alphorn S-ST
B Flute NY 2
B-Flute NY 1
B.Ney Flute DK
B.Ney Flute
Bag Pipes
Bagpipe CHWP
Bagpipe SLWP
Bamboo Flute
Blues Harp 1
Blues Harp 2
Blues Harp 3
Bottle Blower
C.Ney Flute
Chanter Notes
Cv Flute Vibrato
Cv Mey
Cv PanFlute
Cv2 Soft Flute
Didg EU1
Didg EU2
Didg EU3
Didg EU4
Didg EU5
Didg EU6
Didg EU7
Didg EU8
Didg EU9
Didg EU10
Didg EU11
Didg EU12
Didg EU13
Didg EU14
Didg EU15
Didg EU16
Didg EU17
Didg EU18
Didg MAP
Didge BTB1
Didge BTB2
Didge BTB3
Didge BTB4
Didge BTB5
Didge BTB6
Didge BTB7
Didge BTB8
Didge BTB9
Didge BTB10
Didge BTB11
Didge BTB12
Didge BTB13
Didge BTB14
Didge BTB15
Didge BTB16
Didge MAP 2
Didgeredo BTB
Didgerido OEU
Duduk Abend
Duduk Breath
Duduk MX
Duduk Tone
Duduk Vel 1
Duduk Vel 2
Euro Harmnm 1
Euro Harmnm 2
Exotic Charmer
Gabe Wind
Gs Recorder Dx
Gs Recorder
Harmonica 1
Harmonium 2
Harmonium Oct
Indi Flute 1
Indi Flute 2
Indi Flute Soft
Indi Harmnm 1
Irish Whistle
Mey Fulltone
Pan Flute Vel
Pan Flute
Panflute NY
Passion Flute
Penny Whist 2
Recorder 1
Recorder 2
Renny Flute
S.Recordr 2TR. MC
S.Recordr 3DMC
S.Recordr MC
S.Recordr TR. MC
S.Recordr V2MC
Sfe FltPad
Shaku Express
Shaku Shake
Small Accordion
Snake Flute
Squeeze Box
T.Ney Flute
Wood Flute

Ethnic Percussion
Child Patches:

2 Dy Bongos Rev.stip
Add 3 Shika Rev.stip
African Djembe Rev.stip
African Hand Drm Rev.stip
African L1MN Rev.stip
African Marimba Rev.stip
African Perc 2 Rev.stip
Bohdran B Rev.stip
Bongos Rev.stip
Chi Knock FLT Rev.stip
China Gongs Rev.stip
Conga 2DY Rev.stip
Crotales Rev.stip
Djembe-Shika Rev.stip
Dnx Bohdran Rev.stip
Dnx Bongo Boys Rev.stip
Dr Shika Rev.stip
Dum Dumbek Rev.stip
Dumbek 2D Rev.stip
Dy Indian Perc Rev.stip
Dynamik Tablas Rev.stip
Filter Rainstick Rev.stip
Fx Rainstick Rev.stip
Indian Perc 1 Rev.stip
Indian Perc 2 Rev.stip
Indian Perc 3 Rev.stip
Kalimba Jones Rev.stip
Kalimba Stereo Rev.stip
King Conga MDX Rev.stip
L1 African Perc Rev.stip
L1 Shika Rev.stip
Latin Conga Rev.stip
Latin Perc Map Rev.stip
Layered Shika Rev.stip
Mdx2 Conga Rev.stip
Misc Hand Perc Rev.stip
Misc Perc WT Rev.stip
R2 African Perc Rev.stip
Rosewd Marimba Rev.stip
Shakers and Misc Rev.stip
Shika Rev.stip
Steel Drum Rev.stip
Tablas Rev.stip
Taiko Rev.stip
Thumb Piano Rev.stip
Vaniall Shakers Rev.stip

Ethnic Stringed
Child Patches:

Bala Vel Rev.stip
Banjo Dark Rev.stip
Banjo Fast Rev.stip
Banjo Licks Rev.stip
Banjo Mono Rev.stip
Banjo Noise Rev.stip
Banjo Rev.stip
Banjolin Rev.stip
Bazouki F Rev.stip
Bazouki P Rev.stip
Bazouki Rev.stip
Celtic Harp 1 Rev.stip
Celtic Harp 2 Rev.stip
Celtic Harp 3 Rev.stip
Dire Dobro Rev.stip
Dobro Bender Rev.stip
Dobro Licks Rev.stip
Dobro Strum Map Rev.stip
Dulci Tremolo Rev.stip
Dulcimer Rev.stip
Dulcimer Su Rev.stip
Fast Nylon Rev.stip
Flamenco Nylon Rev.stip
Guitaron Rev.stip
Hurdy Drone 1 Rev.stip
Hurdy Drone 2 Rev.stip
Hurdy Gurdy Rev.stip
Indi VPitch D Rev.stip
Kantele Dynamix Rev.stip
Kantele Rev.stip
Koto Rev.stip
Mandolin Baritone Rev.stip
Mandolin Rev.stip
Mandolin Ton Rev.stip
Mandolin Tone Rev.stip
Mandolin Trem VX Rev.stip
Mandolin Tremolo Rev.stip
MandolineBaritone Rev.stip
Mariachi Fin Rev.stip
Mountain Dulci Rev.stip
Mute BuzzThing Rev.stip
Muted Nylon Rev.stip
NL2L Dobro Dnx Rev.stip
Nylon Spain Rev.stip
Psaltry Bowd Rev.stip
Psaltry Harp Rev.stip
Psaltry Plucked Rev.stip
Saz 1 2Dnx Rev.stip
Saz 2 2Dnx Rev.stip
Saz Dual Rev.stip
Saz MX Rev.stip
Saz Oct KPR Rev.stip
Sitar Hrp Wp Rev.stip
Sitar Rev.stip
Sitar Tamb Rev.stip
SitarMonix Rev.stip
Spanish Nylon Rev.stip
Staccato Nylon Rev.stip
Tambura Tone Rev.stip
Ukele Dnx Trem Rev.stip
Ukele Tremolo Rev.stip
Ukelele 2 Dnx Rev.stip
Ukelele Hard Rev.stip
Ukelele Soft Rev.stip
Yo Dobro Gtr Rev.stip
Zither Short Rev.stip

Ethnic Wind
Child Patches:

A Ney Flute Rev.stip
Accordian 1 Rev.stip
Accordian 2 Rev.stip
Alphorn MDNT Rev.stip
Alphorn NT Rev.stip
Alphorn S-ST Rev.stip
B Flute NY 2 Rev.stip
B Ney Flute DK Rev.stip
B Ney Flute Rev.stip
B-Flute NY 1 Rev.stip
Bag Piped Rev.stip
Bagpipe CHWP Rev.stip
Bagpipe SLWP Rev.stip
Bamboo Flute Rev.stip
Blues Harp 1 Rev.stip
Blues Harp 2 Rev.stip
Blues Harp 3 Rev.stip
Bottle Blower Rev.stip
C Ney Flute Rev.stip
Chanter Notes Rev.stip
Cv Flute Vibrato Rev.stip
Cv Mey Rev.stip
Cv PanFlute Rev.stip
Cv2 Soft Flute Rev.stip
Didg EU1 Rev.stip
Didg EU2 Rev.stip
Didg EU3 Rev.stip
Didg EU4 Rev.stip
Didg EU5 Rev.stip
Didg EU6 Rev.stip
Didg EU7 Rev.stip
Didg EU8 Rev.stip
Didg EU9 Rev.stip
Didg EU10 Rev.stip
Didg EU11.stip
Didg EU12 Rev.stip
Didg EU13 Rev.stip
Didg EU14 Rev.stip
Didg EU15 Rev.stip
Didg EU16 Rev.stip
Didg EU17 Rev.stip
Didg EU18 Rev.stip
Didg MAP Rev.stip
Didge BTB1 Rev.stip
Didge BTB2 Rev.stip
Didge BTB3 Rev.stip
Didge BTB4 Rev.stip
Didge BTB5 Rev.stip
Didge BTB6 Rev.stip
Didge BTB7 Rev.stip
Didge BTB8 Rev.stip
Didge BTB9 Rev.stip
Didge BTB10 Rev.stip
Didge BTB11 Rev.stip
Didge BTB12 Rev.stip
Didge BTB13 Rev.stip
Didge BTB14 Rev.stip
Didge BTB15 Rev.stip
Didge BTB16 Rev.stip
Didge MAP 2 Rev.stip
Didgeredo BTB Rev.stip
Digerido OEU Rev.stip
Duduk Abend Rev.stip
Duduk Breath Rev.stip
Duduk MX Rev.stip
Duduk Tone Rev.stip
Duduk Vel 1 Rev.stip
Duduk Vel 2 Rev.stip
Euro Harmnm 1 Rev.stip
Euro Harmnm 2 Rev.stip
Exotic Charmer Rev.stip
Gabe Wind Rev.stip
Gs Recorder Dx Rev.stip
Gs Recorder Rev.stip
Harmonica 1 Rev.stip
Harmonium 2 Rev.stip
Harmonium Oct Rev.stip
Indi Flute 1 Rev.stip
Indi Flute 2 Rev.stip
Indi Flute Soft Rev.stip
Indi Harmnm 1 Rev.stip
Irish Whistle Rev.stip
Mey Fulltone Rev.stip
Ocarina Rev.stip
Pan Flute Rev.stip
Pan Flute Vel Rev.stip
Panflute NY Rev.stip
Passion Flute Rev.stip
Penny Whist 2 Rev.stip
Recorder 1 Rev.stip
Recorder 2 Rev.stip
Recorder Rev.stip
Rennaissance Rev.stip
Renny Flute Rev.stip
S Recordr 2TR MC Rev.stip
S Recordr 3DMC Rev.stip
S Recordr MC Rev.stip
S Recordr V2MC Rev.stip
Sfe FltPad Rev.stip
Shaku Express Rev.stip
Shaku Shake Rev.stip
Shenai Rev.stip
Small Accordian Rev.stip
Snake Flute Rev.stip
Squeeze Box Rev.stip
SRecordr TR MC Rev.stip
T Ney Flute Rev.stip
Titanical Flute Rev.stip
Wood Flute Rev.stip

Size:784 MB
Number of Sounds:221 Sample based sounds (parent)
221 Preset sounds (child)


Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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