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Sampletank 2.5 Expansion

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Uncovered from the Sonic Reality Vault, this Expansion title combines the electric guitars of the original “Guitar Collection” with Sonic Reality’s “Electric Guitar Capsule” for the ultimate collection of playable electric guitar multisamples. With over 1 gigabyte of inspiring 6 and 12 string electric guitars including samples of Fender®, Gibson®, Rickenbacker® guitars and more, Electric Guitar Collection 2 is an incredible value for any keyboardist, songwriter or producer looking to recreate realistic electric guitar tracks with MIDI. Whether you use it with powerful state-of-the-art amp and effects models in AmpliTube® 3 for the ultimate virtual guitar rig or with SampleTank’s own internal effects, having electric guitars like these plus diverse effects processing represent endless possibilities.

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Parent Patches:

60's Fuzz Guitar
Xt FloydFuzz Gtr
As Falls W
Big Bad John
Bowed Guitarland
C.I. Pedal Steel
Chorus Gritty CLean
Clean Electric
Crunch Multichore
Daytrip 45
Ebow Vibrato
El Sitar
Flower Children
FndrStrt Bridge Dn 3Dyn Amp
Fuzz Vibrato Gtr
Fuzzbox Hero
Fuzzlead Guitar
GR300 GtrSynth
GR300 GtrSynth2
Gretch Jazfng J2
Gretch Jazfng JZ
Gretch Mute 1
Gretch Mute 2
Gretch Mutes 2D
Harmonic Guitar
Jazz Geetar
Just a little crunch
Les Pl 3D Prf1
Les Pl Harmnx
Les Pl Hmrd Vib
Les Pl Hmrd
Les Pl Pckd 3D
Les Pl Pckd F
Les Pl Pckd MF
Les Pl Pckd MP
Les Pl Vib 2D
Les Pl Vib Loud
Les Pl Vib Soft
Mean Business
Muted Electric
Old Geetar
Pedal Steel Cln NB
Pedal Steel Cln
Pedal Steel Dist
Pedal Steel Dst NB
Pedal Steel Guitar
Psycho Delik
Ricky Electric 12
Rky12 3D Prf2
Rky12 3D Prf3
Rky12 bridge
Rky12 dn 2D
Rky12 Hrmnx 2D
Rky12 up 2D
Rock On
Seventies LeslieGTR
Strat 3D Prf1
Strat 3D Prf2
Strat Cln Pulls
Strat Dn 3D
Strat Dn F
Strat Dn MF
Strat Dn P
Strat Electric 6
Strat Hammer
Strat Hard Slides
Strat Hrmnx 2D
Strat Hrmnx F
Strat Hrmnx P
Strat Mute Dn 3D
Strat Mute F Dn
Strat Mute M Dn
Strat Mute P Dn
Strat Mute P2
Strat Noises
Strat Pulls 2D
Strat Pulls 3D
Strat Pulls F
Strat Pulls M
Strat Pulls P
Strat Qk Mute
Strat VibPerf3
Strat VibPerf4
Strat VibPerf5
Strat Vibrato
Tele Clean 1
Tele Clean VB
Tele Cln Tremolo
Think Floyd
Trem Guitar
Wah Lead GTR
Xt Bs Dist Gtr

Child Patches:

12 Monkeys
You The Money
12 Phases
12 Step Program
12 String Bling Bling
12 Times a Shady
60z Fuzz 2
100 Proof
Ac Thirty 5
Alex Pulling Live
All Around U
All In A Day
All in a Tweaks Work
All In The Day
All Rocks In
Aloiscious Duke
Alright Now
Amped Up
Anthem Drix
At The Samp
Attack of the Quick Decays
B Adams Family
Baby Dave
Baby Sitar
Back in My Day
Backround Intelligence
Bad Vibes
Basik Cabnit
Bee llz
Beef it Up
Big Bad John 2
Bigger Badder
Biphasin Grch
Bit Crunchy
Blue Monday
Bow Down
Box of Boxy
Box of UPS
Breath Metal
Bridge The Gap
Brion Wood Like
Bs Your Way Out
C.I. Pedal Steel.stp
Cab N Pedals
Cabinator Rickster
Cabinet Fever
Cabinet Pulls
Cabintized Vibed
Can Be Sneaky
Captain Crunch
Careful It Bites
Cavern Crunch
Cavernous Straticus
Chaka Locka
Chat With Meat
Chorus Gritty 2
Chorused TeleTrem
Chorused Vibe Strat
Chunky G
CI Pedal 2
Clean Elec 3
Clean Elec Chr 2
Clean Jazz Pulls
Clean Jazzy
Clean Slate
Club Soda
Club Tip Guitar
Comb Amped
Coming Togetha
Comp Tele Trem
CompDist USA
Crack Open a Bud
Crackling Falls
Cranker Jack
Crispy Clean
Crunch Multi2
Crunchy Fingers
Crunchy Harmz
Dash Mute
Daytrip 45 2
Dirt Digg
Dirty Bounce
Dis Store Shun
Disco Delay
Distance Slide
Disted Crisp
Distorted Perception
Distorted x 12
Dizzy Stradlin
Docka Mute
Done Dirt Cheap
Drama Guitar
Dream State
Dripped Out
Drippit Good
Drive It Leslie
Drive Mehome
Drop Harmonics
Dry Amped
Dry Rick
Dust Pan
Dynamic Mute G
Dynamic Spring Mutes
Dynamic Strat
Ebow Vibrato 2
Echophase Deluxe 12
Endlessly Echo
Ethereality Inc
Fade Up Slide Up
Fat Liner
Fidelity Defecit
Filt Built
Filt Disco
Filtdist Mute
Final Vinyl
Flangdeal Mute
Flangfest 2
Flock of Bleeps
Flower Child 2
Flower Tower
Fluid Floyd
Fonky Mute
For The Rockerd
Formerly Known as Guitar
Funk Club
Funky Old Record
Funky Strat
Funny Honey
Fuzz Vib 2
Fuzzbox Hero 2
Fuzzlead Guitar 2
Fuzzy Phase Vib
G Mute
G Phase
Gain Stain Crunch
Garage Bandit
Garbage Bond
Garbage In Garbage Out
Gas Mask
Get Down Wah
Getta Gotta Blanca
Gil In Pompei
Good Mornin Sunny
Good ol 45 Gtr
Good Vibes
GR300 GtrSynth 2
GR300 GtrSynth2 2
Grainy Train
Gritty Bitty
Gritty McCaster Mute
Grungy Gtr Synth
Guitarland 2
Hackett Dreamz
Half Life
Ham Slam
Hammer Head
Hammered Home Gtr
Hangin Slide
Harmonic Guitar 2
Harmonic Punch
Harmonic Rain
Harmonic Springz
Harmonically Done
Helplessly Hopin
Hey Mon Mute
Holdsworthy Mute
Howe Frippish
Howe Gilmourish
In Betweenz
In Ricky Lo FI
In the Mud
In Yerface
In Your Backer
Inarestin Thang
Into The Life
Iron Man
Jam Bake Gtr
Jazz Shrevie
Jazz Spaz
Jazzy Jeffbot
Jeeaazz Gtr
Just a little crunch 2
Just a Phase
JW Tang N Chops
JWill Geetar
Kenz On Holiday
Kick The Little Amp
King Pong
Krackle Axe
Lack Attack
Lazer Days
Lead Thy Guitar
Leppard Skynard
Les Be Friends
Les Clavi
Les is more
Les Paul McCart
Let It Go
Lick Mute
Light Years
Liquid Lead
Liquid Pan
Liquidelay Stratmnx
Liquidy 2
Little Nasty
Liz Pillow Guitar
Locked In Phase
Lofi Funky V
LogDrum MuteMW
Long Distance
Long Tail Mutes
Louder Faster
Made of Metal
Magic Wall
Major Nast
Major Spider Guitar
Mean Machine Green
Mello Jazz
Mellow Jammin
Mellow Pedal Stl
Mellow To A Point
MF Strato
Miller Time
Monix Forte Faze
Monix Strat P
MP Les Paul
Mu Ed So Ed
Mud Solo
Mute Delay
Mute Note Perf
Muted Electric 2
Muted Electric.sth
Muted Electric.sti
Mutedelay 2
Mutish Knid
MW Wah DistGtr
Natural Enhancement
Nature Journey
Nitrous Boxide
No Harm Done
No Pain With Gain
Noiz Flang LP
Now That Rockz
OD One Harms
OD Strat Vibes
Odd Mute Thang
Off the Rocker
Oh Chore Trem
Oh Muffalatta
Old Amp Gib
Old Geetar 2
Old N Funky
Old Richards
On the Beach
On the WIre
Opt for Sixties
Other Seaside
Oudy Nastimus
Out of Stock
Outrageous D
Over the Place
Over Yonder Gtr
OverblnTrump Guitar
P Haze Mutes
Page One
Pamela Wins
Panorama Electricana
Pat Jazzy
Pat On It
Pat Play
Paul the Third
Pedal Steel Guitar 2
Pedal Steel Guitar.sth
Pedal Steel Guitar.sti
Pedal Stretch Steel
Peow Delay
Petty Cash
Phase Howe
Phazey Crazy
Picky Ricky
Ping Ding Harmonics
Plaster Caster
Play That Funky
Pluck the Duck
Plugged in Pulls
Positive Feedback
Preamped Pulls
Prechor Ricky
Pretty Clatter
Psycha Sunday
Psycho Delik 2
Pull and Push
Pull Back Jack
Pull Me Back
Pull Strat M
Pull This Way
Pulling Weight
Pulp Friction
Pure Grit
Put It To Ya
Quick Mute
Quick Phased Pulls
Quick Thick Pick
Rad Trip
Radio City Geetar
Raw Deal
Raw Thang
Rebounding Pull Strat
Red Brushcetta 2
Reggata De Kerz
Reverse Order
Rick P Q
Rick P Rick
Ricky Electric 12 2
Ricky Forte
Ricky Mouse
Ricky Mudflange
Ricky Rooster
Rip Chord
Ritual Solo
Ritual Vol Pedal
Rky Dont Loose That Phaser
Rky Mouse
Rky Racket
Rky Ticky
Rkyt Man
Rock On 2
Rock On Top
Rock the Box
Rockin Interlockin
Rockin Record
Rockin Robinator
Rocky Bamboo
Rotary Paul
Rotary Sun
Rotary Sunday
Searing The Tuna
Second Movement
See Thirty
Selling England
Senti Mental
Seventies LeslieGTR 2
Shim The Trim
Shimmering Strings
Shiny Buttons
Shoon Oh Shoon
Signs of Stride
Simmery Dunswaggle
Six Tease Trem
Sixtiez Fuzzier
Sixty Man
Sixty Tremors
Slayer Slide
Slide Bender
Slide Comp
Sling Blade
Slow Down Please
Smacky Piez
Smokey Room
So Real
Spank Mute Strat
Spring 12 String
Squares of Fuzz
Squinchfest Galore
Stack for Flam
Stagnation City
State of Play
Stone Temptation
Stones ToDa Bones
Strange Brew
Strat Electric 6 2
Strat Perf 4 Layering
Strat Slapback
Strat To The Top
Strat up Now
Strat Vibez
Stratharmonic Face
Stratocast Perform
Strats All Folks
Strats The Way Uh-huh
Strummy Bowz
Sudzy Tele
Sunny Side Down
Sunshine Johnny
Suprize Rickfuzz
Synth Axe Error
Synthetic Sister
Synthetic Strat Harmnx
Synthetik Gtr
System 9
Tacos for Pepe
Take It Back
Take Me To Dat
Tales Of Topaz
Tele Me the Truth
Tele The Whole Truth
Tele Thon Guitar
Tele Tremors
Telecast 2
Thats Hall Folks
The Bridge
The Edge of Insanity
The Envelope Please
The Grind
The Point is Mute
Thick Brick
Thick Tele
Thickness Sickness
Thin n Crispy
Think Floyd Deluxe
Think Tank
Threshold Swirl
Through The Fog
Tight As Gene
Tight As Guitar
Tight Nasty Pullz
Till It Cannot
Tone Control
Top Shelf
Top Spring
Touchy Delayed
Training Day
Trapped In Box
Trem Bull
Trem Guitar 2
Tremolonious Rex
Tremolux Strat
Trippy Dipster
Trippy Whisper Strat
Trmojo 2
Trypto Graph
Tubular Tonio
Tuby Le Mute
Tull and Void
Tull Boy
Twang Bite
Twisted Chorus
Twisty Ricky
Utter Fuzzness
Utter Garbage
Van Halensing
Veldist Gtr
Vertigo Slide
Vibe Baby Strat
Vibra Phase
Vibra Tone
Vibratolux LP Gtr
Vibrrrato LP
Viking Vibrato
Vintage O Rama
Vintage Shop
Vol Pedal Steel
Wackadoo Londoner
Wah Burger Strat
Wah Happened
Wah Lead GTR 2
Wah Travels
Wah Wally
Wahts Spinning
Wahts Up
Wake Up Time
Wall Of Delay
Wammy Barfly
Wash Over
Waterlog Harmonics
Waver Saver
Weird Science
Wha Happened
Whahts Up
What in The Name
Whatza Matta
Whirlwind Glide
Wicked Geet
Wilder Wester
Wobble Vibe Strat
Ye Old Bend Up Slide
Yeah Telekast
Yikes Away Crunch

Size: 1.13 GB
Number of Sounds: 97 Sample based sounds (parent)
542 Preset sounds (child)


Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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