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Sampletank 2.5 Expansion

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In the same spirit of SampleMoog, SampleOB Xpander brings a world of sampled Oberheim® analog synths to the SampleTank world. SampleOB Xpander features samples of the first Synthesizer Expander Module used in the popular 2 Voice, 4 Voice and 8 Voice synths all the way to the Matrix 12 and Oberheim® Xpander. Made famous by artists such as Lyle Mays of Pat Metheny Group, Van Halen, Rush and many other artists, the Oberheim® sound is another timeless classic in the history of synthesizers.

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Parent Patches:

All Lead
Another Pad
Brass Pockets
Chime Pad
Classic OB Lead
Eddie OB
FFFat 80s
Floaty Pad
Foundation Pad
Ghostly Pad
Insane Sync
Lyle OB
OB Fat Brass
OB Polypad
OB Rezo Bass
OB Trumpety
OB Wow Pad
OB XString
oberheim 09
Obermoog Bass
Obese Bass
Overdriven Filter Bass
Pulse Pad
Shreik Pad
Square Pad
Squarey OB
Swell Pad
Sync Hard
Tom Pad

Child Patches:

All Lead FX1
All Lead FX2
All Lead FX3
Another Pad FX1
Another Pad FX2
Another Pad FX3
Brass Pockets FX1
Brass Pockets FX2
Brass Pockets FX3
Chime Pad FX1
Chime Pad FX2
Chime Pad FX3
Classic OB Lead FX1
Classic OB Lead FX2
Classic OB Lead FX3
Eddie OB FX1
Eddie OB FX2
Eddie OB FX3
Fatzilla FX1
Fatzilla FX2
Fatzilla FX3
FFFat 80s FX1
FFFat 80s FX2
FFFat 80s FX3
Floaty Pad FX1
Floaty Pad FX2
Floaty Pad FX3
Foundation Pad FX1
Foundation Pad FX2
Foundation Pad FX3
Ghostly Pad FX1
Ghostly Pad FX2
Ghostly Pad FX3
Insane Sync FX1
Insane Sync FX2
Insane Sync FX3
Jumpin FX1
Jumpin FX2
Jumpin FX3
Lyle OB FX1
Lyle OB FX2
Lyle OB FX3
OB Far Brass FX2
OB Fat Brass FX1
OB Fat Brass FX2
OB Fat Brass FX3
OB Polypad FX1
OB Polypad FX2
OB Polypad FX3
OB Rezo Bass FX1
OB Rezo Bass FX2
OB Rezo Bass FX3
OB Trumpety FX1
OB trumpety FX2
OB Trumpety FX3
OB Wow Pad FX1
OB Wow Pad FX2
OB Wow Pad FX3
OB XString FX1
OB XString FX2
OB XString FX3
oberheim 09 FX1
oberheim 09 FX2
oberheim 09 FX3
Obermoog Bass FX1
Obermoog Bass FX2
Obermoog Bass FX3
Obese Bass FX1
Obese Bass FX2
Obese Bass FX3
OctaPad FX1
OctaPad FX2
OctaPad FX3
Overdriven Filter Bass FX1
Overdriven Filter Bass FX2
Overdriven Filter Bass FX3
Pulse Pad FX1
Pulse Pad FX2
Pulse Pad FX3
Shreik Pad FX1
Shreik Pad FX2
Shreik Pad FX3
Square Pad FX1
Square Pad FX2
Square Pad FX3
Squarey OB FX1
Squarey OB FX2
Squarey OB FX3
Swell Pad FX1
Swell Pad FX2
Swell Pad FX3
Sync Hard FX1
Sync Hard FX2
Sync Hard FX3
ThickPad FX1
ThickPad FX2
ThickPad FX3
Tom Pad FX1
Tom Pad FX2
Tom Pad FX3
Wobblebrass FX1
Wobblebrass FX2
Wobblebrass FX3

Size: 885 MB
Number of Sounds: 34 Sample based sounds (parent)
103 Preset sounds (child)


Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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