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Sampletank 2.5 Expansion

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Reaching deep into the Sonic Reality Vault, this expansion title combines the acoustic guitars of the classic “Guitar Collection” title with Sonic Reality’s “Acoustic Guitar Capsule” for the ultimate library of playable acoustic guitar multisamples. With over 1 gigabyte of inspiring 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars including samples of Taylor®, Larivee®, Martin® and more, Acoustic Guitar Collection 2 is an incredible value for any keyboardist, songwriter or producer looking to recreate realistic acoustic guitar tracks with MIDI.

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Parent Patches:

Acoustic 12 String
Taylr Med Harmnx
Dobro Acoustic
Fingerpickin Good
Hay U
LariV 3D Perf1
LariV 3D Perf2
LariV 3D Perf3
LariV 3D Perf4sld
LariV 3D Perf5
LariV 3D Pickd
LariV F Pickd
LariV FF Pickd
LariV Fing 2D
LariV Fing F
LariV Hrmnx 2D
LariV Hrmnx F
LariV Hrmnx P
LariV MF Pickd
LariV Mute 3Dpck
LariV Mute F
LariV Mute M
LariV Muted
LariV SlideUps
Martn 6 Steel 2D
Martn 6 Steel F
Martn 6 Steel MF
Martn 12 2D
Martn 12 F
Martn 12 P
Mellow Acoustic 6
Mtn6 FngHrmnx 2D
Mtn6 FngHrmnxF
Mtn6 FngHrmnxM
Mtn6 FngHrmRv2D
Steel 6 String
Sweet Nylon
Taylr Acstc 3D
Taylr Acstc F Dn
Taylr Acstc M Dn
Taylr Acstc Mute
Taylr Acstc P Dn
Taylr Bridge Shrt
Taylr Capo FstA
Taylr Capo FstB
Taylr Finger F
Taylr Finger M
Taylr Harm F
Taylr Harm P
Taylr Hrmnx 2D

Child Patches:

12 Expressions
Very Far From Home
A Great Place to Start
Acoustic 12 String 2
Beautiful Mess
Classic Case
Color Change
Conscious Decision
Dobro Acoustic 2
Dobrosky 2
Dont Bro There
Enhanced Perception
Fascination St
Fingerpickin Good 2
Freak Incident
Hay U 2
Horizontal Fusion
Inspire Me
LariV 3D Perf1 FX1
LariV 3D Perf1 FX2
LariV 3d Perf2 FX1
LariV 3D Perf2 FX2
LariV 3D Perf3 FX1
LariV 3D Perf3 FX2
LariV 3D Perf4sld fx1
LariV 3D Perf4sld FX2
LariV 3D Pickd FX1
LariV 3D Pickd FX2
LariV F Pickd FX1
LariV F Pickd FX2
LariV FF Pickd FX1
LariV FF Pickd FX2
LariV Fing 2D FX1
LariV Fing 2D FX2
LariV Fing F FX1
LariV Fing F FX2
LariV Hrmnsx 2D FX2
LariV Hrmnx 2D FX1
LariV Hrmnx F FX1
LariV Hrmnx F FX2
LariV Hrmnx P FX1
LariV Hrmnx P FX2
LariV Hrmnx P.sth
LariV Hrmnx P.sti
LariV MF Pickd FX1
LariV MF Pickd FX2
LariV Mute 3Dpck FX1
LariV Mute 3Dpck FX2
LariV Mute F FX1
LariV Mute F FX2
LariV Mute M FX1
LariV Mute M FX2
LariV Muted FX1
LariV Muted FX2
LariV SlideUps FX1
LariV SlideUps FX2
Many Colors
Martn 6 Steel 2D FX1
Martn 6 Steel 2D FX2
Martn 6 Steel F FX1
Martn 6 Steel F FX2
Martn 6 Steel MF FX1
Martn 6 Steel MF FX2
Martn 12 2D FX1
Martn 12 2D FX2
Martn 12 F FX1
Martn 12 F FX2
Martn 12 P FX1
Martn 12 P FX2
Mellow Acoustic 6 2
Mtn6 Fng HrmnxM FX2
Mtn6 FngHrmnx 2D FX1
Mtn6 FngHrmnx 2D FX2
Mtn6 FngHrmnxF FX1
Mtn6 FngHrmnxF
Mtn6 FngHrmnxM FX1
Mtn6 FngHrmRv2D FX1
Mtn6 FngHrmRv2D FX2
Passing Thought
Postive Reaction
Pretty Far From Home
Round About
Silk Shake
Steel 6 String 2
Steel Away
Sweet Dreamz
Sweet Nylon 2
Taylr Acstc 3D FX1
Taylr Acstc 3D FX2
Taylr Acstc F Dn FX1
Taylr Acstc F Dn FX2
Taylr Acstc M Dn FX1
Taylr Acstc M Dn
Taylr Acstc Mute FX1
Taylr Acstc Mute FX2
Taylr Acstc P Dn FX1
Taylr Acstc P Dn FX2
Taylr Bridge Shrt FX1
Taylr Bridge Shrt FX2
Taylr Capo FstA FX1
Taylr Capo FstA FX2
Taylr Capo FstB FX1
Taylr Capo FstB FX2
Taylr Finger F FX1
Taylr Finger F FX2
Taylr Finger M FX1
Taylr Finger M FX2
Taylr Harm F FX1
Taylr Harm F FX2
Taylr Harm P FX1
Taylr Harm P FX2
Taylr Hrmnx 2D FX1
Taylr Hrmnx 2D FX2
Taylr Med Harmnx FX1
Taylr Med Harmnx FX2
Three Deviants
Through The Rain

Size: 1.17 GB
Number of Sounds: 51 Sample based sounds (parent)
118 Preset sounds (child)


Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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