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Sampletank 2.5 Expansion

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The Cinematik Collection features sounds taken from Sonic Reality’s brand new Cinema Sessions series dedicated to scoring effects for composers. In this powerful new title for SampleTank you have over a gigabyte of lush evolving pads and cinematic soundscapes that evoke powerful scenes in movies from thrillers to Sci Fi. Weaving orchestral textures, strings with symphonic crescendos, synthetic pads with moody atmosphere and more make their way to the SampleTank format in this powerful collection. Whether you do Electronic Music, Hip Hop, Rock or Film Scoring this is a top quality collection to have in your arsenal especially at this incredibly affordable price which is extremely rare for a cinematic orchestral library.

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Parent Patches:

A Scream in Space
Alien Arena Airfight
All Winds
Bean Stalker
Boat Call
Bright Trumps
Bubba Lead
Cali Pad 17
Carlosian Pad
Chord Pad
Chorus Humvox
Chorus Oohs
Cinematix 19
City of Clouds
Close Encounter
Cress Brass
Dashing Dan 74
Dog Fight
Dramatica Strings
Emotion Notion
English Horn
Eternal Sun
Eternal Sunshine
Fat Brass
Female Oohs
Film Lick
Film View
Full Orchestra
Full Strings
Future City
Future Sci
Gabe Toys
Grand Piano A
Handle Pad
Harmon Sweet
Horns Mellow
HuckBerry Fin
Its Dreamy
Jason Humvox
Johnny Jist
Magical Maydaze
Marcato Strings
Melhorn Chorus
MotionSyn 01
MotionSyn 02
MotionSyn 03
MotionSyn 04
MotionSyn 05
Muted Trumpet
Myster Myster
Mystery Pad
Neo Eon One
Octave Pad
Olde Brass
Orbital Fear
Orch Perc Hall
Orch Perc Studio
Outside In Inside Out
Outter Wall
Paul Wish Art
Piano String Brt
Pizz Strings
Reverse Reverse
Robbbb Baby
Running Blade
Silk Underoos
Sky Rockets
Slow Violin
Solo Bassoon
Solo Cello
Solo Violin
Staccato Strings
Star Shine
Station Pass
Str Quartet 1
String pad
String Section A
String Section B
Sudden Impact
Synapse MW
TH Ex Lover
The Beam
The Red Pill
These Dreamth
Thick Brass
Toot Flute
Tremble Strings
Trill Pad 1
Trill Pad 2
Voxy Chorus
War Dogs MW
Woody Woodpad
World of Flutter

Child Patches:

2011 Long.stip
2011 Rev.stip
A Scream In Space Long.stip
A Scream in Space Rev.stip
Alien Arena Airflight Rev.stip
Alien Arena Long.stip
All Winds Rev.stip
Bean Stalker Long.stip
Bean Stalker Rev.stip
BelloPad Delay.stip
BelloPad Rev.stip
Boat Call Delay.stip
Boat Call Rev.stip
Bright Trumps Rev.stip
Bubba Lead Mono.stip
Bubba Lead Rev.stip
Cali Pad 17 Rev.stip
Cali Pad Delay.stip
Carlosian Delay Pad.stip
Carlosian Pad Rev.stip
Chord Pad Rev.stip
Chorus Humvox Rev.stip
Chorus Oohs 2.stip
Chorus Oohs Rev.stip
Cinematix 19 Long.stip
Cinematix 19 Rev.stip
City of Clouds Long.stip
City Of Clouds Rev.stip
Close Encounter 2nd Kind.stip
Close Encounter Rev.stip
Cress Brass Rev.stip
Dashing Dan 74 Rev.stip
Dog Fight Long.stip
Dog Fight Rev.stip
Dramatic Strings Slow.stip
Dramatica Strings Rev.stip
Drone Pad Rev.stip
Echoes of Madness.stip
Wrightwood Rev.stip
Echoes Rev.stip
Emotion Notion Rev.stip
English Horn Rev.stip
Eternal Sun Long.stip
Eternal Sun Rev.stip
Eternal Sunshine State.stip
Exploration Rev.stip
External Sunshine Rev.stip
Fat Brass Rev.stip
Female Oohs Rev.stip
Film Lick Rev.stip
Film View Rev.stip
Flute Rev.stip
Full Orchestra Rev.stip
Full Strings Rev.stip
Future City Long.stip
Future City Rev.stip
Future Sci Long.stip
Future Sci Rev.stip
Gabe Toys Rev.stip
Grand Piano A Rev.stip
Handle Pad Rev.stip
Handles Better Pad.stip
Harmon Sweet Rev.stip
Horizon Rev.stip
Horns Mello Rev.stip
Huckberry Fin Rev.stip
Hummvox Rev.stip
Its Dreamy Rev.stip
Jason Humvox Rev.stip
Johnny Jist Rev.stip
Magical Maydaze Rev.stip
Marcato Strings Rev.stip
Melhorn Chorus Rev.stip
MotionSyn 01 Rev.stip
MotionSyn 02 Rev.stip
MotionSyn 03 Rev.stip
MotionSyn 04 Rev.stip
MotionSyn05 Rev.stip
MoviePad Rev.stip
Mullholland Rev.stip
Muted Trumpet Rev.stip
Myster Myster Rev.stip
Myster Mysterious.stip
Mystery Pad Rev.stip
Neo Eon One Rev.stip
Neo Eon Two.stip
Oboe Rev.stip
Octave Pad Rev.stip
Olde Brass Rev.stip
Orbital Fear Long.stip
Orbital Fear Rev.stip
Orch Perc Hall Rev.stip
Orch Perc Studio Rev.stip
Orchestramix Rev.stip
Outside In Inside Out Rev.stip
Outter Wall Rev.stip
Paul Wish Art Rev.stip
Piano String Brt Rev.stip
Piccolo Rev.stip
Pizz Strings Rev.stip
Reverse Reverse Rev.stip
Reverse Suspense Delay.stip
Robbb Baby Rev.stip
Running Blade Long.stip
Running Blade Rev.stip
Shawshank Redeemed.stip
Shawshank Rev.stip
Silk Underoos Rev.stip
SilverBreath Rev.stip
Sky Rockets In Flight.stip
Sky Rockets Rev.stip
Slow Violin Rev.stip
Solo Bassoon Rev.stip
Solo Cello Rev.stip
Solo Violin Rev.stip
Staccato Strings Rev.stip
Star Shine Long.stip
Star Shine Rev.stip
Station Pass Rev.stip
Str Quartet 1 Rev.stip
String Pod 1 Rev.stip
String Section A Rev.stip
String Section B Rev.stip
Stringhorn Rev.stip
Stringwind Rev.stip
Sudden Impact Rev.stip
Synapse MW Rev.stip
TH Ex Lover Rev.stip
The Beam Rev.stip
The Red Pill Rev.stip
These Dreamth R ev.stip
Thick Brass Rev.stip
Toot Flute Rev.stip
Tremble Strings Rev.stip
Trill Pad 1 Rev.stip
Trill Pad 2 Rev.stip
Trillibites Rev.stip
Trombone Rev.stip
Trumpet Rev.stip
Tuba Rev.stip
Voxy Chorus Rev.stip
War Dogs Rev.stip
Woody Woodpad Rev.stip
World Of Flutter Long.stip
World of Flutter Rev.stip
Wormz Long.stip
Wormz Rev.stip

Size: 1.07 GB
Number of Sounds: 116 Sample based sounds (parent)
147 Preset sounds (child)

*taken from both Film Orhcestra I and II


Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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