Sonic Elements - XYZ (Music EP Download Version)

An All Star Tribute To Rush Featuring Neil Peart Drums

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Sonic Elements     XYZ - A Tribute To Rush (featuring Neil Peart Drums)

Listen to Sonic Reality's Neil Peart Drums in action and put to the test! The first music release from the Sonic Reality progressive rock project known as "Sonic Elements", XYZ - A Tribute To Rush is what you might call a "fantasy band" tribute in that it features drum tracks performed by Neil Peart, the legendary drummer and lyricist of Rush, which come from Sonic Reality's Neil Peart Drums sample sessions along with new performances from modern and classic rock artists such as Rik Emmett (Triumph), John Wesley (Porcupine Tree), Billy Sherwood (Yes, Circa), Alastair Greene (Alan Parsons Live Project), Randy McStine (Lo-Fi Resistance), Matt Dorsey (Simon Collins) and Sonic Reality's founder Dave Kerzner (Kevin Gilbert, Simon Collins).  

XYZ is a music EP available on pre-order and downloadable from esoundz.com on 4-21-12 and after. The download comes as both high resolution mp3 and full resolution 16 bit 44.1 wave files, both formats can be downloaded at no additional charge. Additionally a limited run of CDs is available for those that want to buy it on a physical disc. It features a combination of creative covers of songs from the classic Rush album "Moving Pictures" plus bonus material written by Billy Sherwood and Dave Kerzner featuring Neil Peart Drums in a different musical context with a tip of the hat to their other progressive rock influences such as Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd and more!

Sonic Elements

 XYZ - A Tribute To Rush (featuring Neil Peart Drums)


1. Tom Sawyer

Vocals, Guitar - John Wesley
Keyboards - Dave Kerzner
Bass - Billy Sherwood
Drums - Neil Peart Drums by Sonic Reality 

2. Red Barchetta (featuring Rik Emmett)

Vocals, Guitar - Rik Emmett
Keyboards - Dave Kerzner
Bass - Matt Dorsey 
Drums - Neil Peart Drums by Sonic Reality

3. YYZ 

Guitar, Bass - Billy Sherwood
Guitar - Alastair Greene
Keyboards - Dave Kerzner
Drums - Neil Peart Drums by Sonic Reality

4. Limelight

Vocals - Randy McStine
Guitars - John Wesley
Keyboards - Dave Kerzner
Bass - Billy Sherwood
Drums - Neil Peart Drums by Sonic Reality

5. Trifecta (Bonus Track)

Guitars, Bass - Billy Sherwood
Keyboards - Dave Kerzner
Drums - Neil Peart Drums by Sonic Reality

6. Times Gone (Pre-Order Only Bonus Track)

Guitars, Bass - Billy Sherwood
Keyboards - Dave Kerzner
Drums - Neil Peart Drums by Sonic Reality

Produced and mixed by Dave Kerzner

Mastered by Gavin Lurssen, Lurssen Mastering
Assistant engineer Ryan Haft
Neil Peart's drum performance recorded by Nick Raskulinecz at The Drum Channel
Rik Emmett's performance recorded by Mike Shotton in Toronto
John Wesley, Billy Sherwood, Matt Dorsey and Randy McStine recorded remotely
Additional guitars for Red Barchetta - John Wesley, Randy McStine
SampleMoog Taurus bass for Red Barchetta - Mike Shotton
Additional bass for Red Barchetta - Billy Sherwood

All songs by Rush except 5, 6 written by Billy Sherwood & Dave Kerzner

Special Thanks to: Neil Peart, Nick Raskulinecz, Andy Curran, Pegi Cecconi, Bob Farmer and everyone at Anthem, Don Lombardi and everyone at The Drum Channel and DW®, Ocean Way To Go for amazing mics and gear, Rik Emmett, Rick Wharton and Mike Shotton for bringing in the Canadian classic rock element, Gavin Lurssen, Nikki and everyone at Lurssen Mastering, John Wesley for being our guitar hero, Billy Sherwood for putting in 110% on collaborations and performance, Randy McStine for stepping into the limelight, Matt Dorsey, Alastair Greene, Ryan Haft, Allan Gabay, Erik Norlander, Simeon Spiegel, Lorne Wheaton, Jeff Brown, IK Multimedia, Allen Mackenroth, Erik Neilson, John Mason, Amber Tidwell and everyone at Sonic Reality, Andy Olson, Rush is a Band, Power Windows, The Rush Forum and everyone the Rush fan sites, Alex, Geddy and Neil Peart again!

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Check out an in depth interview with Sonic Reality CEO, Dave Kerzner about Neil Peart Drums

© 2012, RecPlay Inc. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All Rights Reserved. No official affiliation with Rush or Anthem implied with the exception of Neil Peart Drums, an official sample library product series done in cooperation with Neil Peart.


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