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Dave Kerzner New World (Deluxe Edition Double CD) Product Description

“Kerzner possesses a skillful knack for augmenting his wide-ranging influences with his own modern, distinctive style, giving the music and original twist… New World is a spellbinding modern progressive rock collection”– Rich Wilson, Prog Magazine

“’Planet Rock radio’ played the whole of Stranded. I haven’t known that to happen since Scott Munie of WNEW played all of ELP’s Pictures …I think you’re going to love the whole album” – Keith Emerson

“This is a great album, one that includes everything that is exciting about Prog.” – Roie Alvin, The Prog Report

Dave Kerzner, former writer/producer/keyboardist for the award-winning Progressive Rock band "Sound of Contact" and founder of Sonic Reality has put together his first album as a solo artist called "New World".  The special “Deluxe Edition” of Dave Kerzner's "New World" is a 143 minute+ expanded version of the album. It's a concert-like cinematic audio listening experience complete with additional atmospheric segues, instrumentals and new vocal songs that all fit within the original concept album's storyline. It comes on two packed CDs with over 3 albums length of material on it plus a download of a high quality mp3 and 24-bit Wave version and a signed “New World” postcard. 

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Through Sonic Reality, Nick Mason Drums recorded by Alan Parsons and Hugh Padgham Drums were used on the songs “Solitude” and “Under Control”. Many other Sonic Reality and IK Multimedia products were used in the production such as SampleTank 2 and 3Sonik Synth 2Miroslav PhilharmonikSampleTronSampleMoog, Expansion Tanks, Serafine FX TronCinema Sessions, Infinite Player and more!

The Cast:

Dave Kerzner – Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Sound Design 
Fernando Perdomo – Guitar, Bass 
Nick D’Virgilio - Drums 

With Special Guests: 
Steve Hackett • Guitar on Stranded and Redemption 
Francis Dunnery • Guitar on New World, Premonition Suite and Redemption II 
Russ Parrish • Guitar on My Old Friend 
Colin Edwin • Fretless Bass on Into The Sun 
Billy Sherwood • Bass on Crossing Of Fates 
Keith Emerson • Cameo Moog Solo on Crossing Of Fates 
Simon Phillips • Drums on Crossing Of Fates 
Durga McBroom • Vocals on Stranded, Ocean of Stars, Premonition Suite, In The Garden, Redemption and The Way Out 
Lorelei McBroom • Vocals on Ocean Of Stars and Solitude 
Jason Scheff • Vocals on Stranded and Redemption 
David Longdon • Vocals on New World and Biodome 
Heather Findlay • Vocals on Into The Sun and The Traveler 
Emily Lynn • Vocals on Solitude, Redemption, Premonition Suite and The Way Out 
Lara Smiles • Vocals on Solitude 
Maryem Tollar • Exotic Vocals on Theta and My Old Friend 
Christine Leakey • Vocals on Ocean Of Stars and Premonition Suite 
Ana Cristina • Vocals on Stranded and Premonition Suite 
Satnam Ramgotra • Tablas on Theta 

Produced by Dave Kerzner 

Mixed by Dave Kerzner 
except “Stranded” mixed by Tom Lord-Alge and Dave Kerzner

Dave Kerzner New World Deluxe Edition Track List:

CD 1: 

Stranded (Part 1-5)
  Part 1- Isolation
  Part 2 – Delirium
  Part 3 – March Of The Machines
  Part 4 – Source Sublime
  Part 5 – The Darkness
Into The Sun
The Lie
The Traveler
Under Control
Premonition Suite
  Part 1 – Premonition
  Part 2 – Resilience I
  Part 3 – Subtle Signs Of Life
  Part 4 – Altered State
  Part 5 – Illuminessence
In The Garden
The Way Out
Recurring Dream

CD 2: 

Crossing Of Fates
My Old Friend
Ocean Of Stars
New World
Redemption (Stranded Part 6-10)
  Part 6 – The Oasis
  Part 7 – Resilience II
  Part 8 – High On The Dunes
  Part 9 – Mirage Of The Machines
  Part 10 – To The Light

For more information on Dave Kerzner and New World visit: 

You can listen to more clips from the album here: https://soundcloud.com/davekerznerband/premonition-suite-teaser-new-world-deluxe-edition


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