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The Electronic Drums Expansion Tank features a combination of electronic and processed drum kits from Sonic Reality’s “Eclectic Drum Capsule” mixed with previous unreleased electronic percussion, analog vocoder percussion and more. For all styles of Electronic Music, Hip Hop, Pop and more, the Electronic Drums Expansion Tank 2 title delivers both staple 808 and 909 drums as well as creative stylistic sounds in GM and various percussion map formats. A great tool for making your own beats and the perfect complement to all Urban/Electronic style Expansion Tank 2 loop titles.

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Drum Kits
Parent Patches:

Enigmatic Kit
Dry Ice Kit
Space Invaderz Kit
Skip Kit
Smack Back Kit
Quic KIt
Tuf-e-nuff kit
Gated Mad Kit
Ring Mod Kit
Thru a Phaze Kit
Core In Kit
Lo Fly Kit 2
Knock Kit
Filt Tite Kit
Electro Kit 4
Decay Day Kit
Crispy Crunch Kit
909 Kit & 808
808 Kit & CR78
Planet Dust Kit
Frea Kit
LoEffex Kit
Hit That Kit
Dax Kit
Alien ToolKit
Lo Fly Kit 1
Simnz Kit 1
Pressure Kit
Xtract Kit 1
Muffalota Kit
Simmonz 5 Kit
Blown kit
Electaistic kit
ZLoFly Kit 1
Sweet Kit
Grunge a Thon Kit
Simnz Kit 2
Outland Kit 2
Electro Kit 3
SpankE Kit
ZLoFly Kit 2
Electro Kit 5
Acoustic Storm Kit
Flutter Kit
Monsta Kit
Hauling Oats Kit
Solidairy Kit
Electro Kit 2
Comb Kit
Bone Kit
That's Heavy Kit
Stickin Kit
Ridin Out Kit
P Haze Kit
Nacart Kit
Whisper Wash Kit
808 Kit 2
Kompressure Kit
Bustin kit
Other Club Kit
Verbage Comb Kit
Xpando Standing Kit
Niomi Kit
Submarine Kit
Titan Kit
Emu Kit1
LoFi Brush Kit

Menu Maps
Parent Patches:

Lud Snr 1 menu
DrumCh Menu2
Emu Drum Menu
Cr78 Menu
Prl xtra menu
Big Tom Menu
nxt kick menu
TR606 Menu
Lud Snr 2 menu
Ridn Tom2 menu
Ridn kiks 1 menu
Prl Tm 1 2 menu
Flr tm menu
Ridn Snr Menu
DrumCh Menu1
Ridn Tom3 menu
Prl Tm 1 menu
Prl tm 2 menu
TR909 Menu
TR808 Menu
Ridn kiks 2 menu
Mega Tom menu

Misc Drums
Parent Patches:

Third Massive Tom
5 Toms
MTom Map
Big Tom
Massive Ridnr

Synth Drums
Parent Patches:

22 Dopa Mean
05 CP Unit
03 Glint City
10 Basic 1
07 Dark Sustance
09 Jay Puff
28 Double Everb
12 Basic Buzz
15 Snarle
24 Anti Bottom
18 Inter Sek
40 SD MENU 4
17 Pie Eating
14 Degro
11 Basic 2
20 Mysta Lung
01 Movement
24 Plastic
39 SD MENU 3
16 De Seat
38 SD Menu 2
23 Forth Order
29 Hollow G
19 Perfect Rak
02 Rip
25 Darleen

Synthetic Percussion
Parent Patches:

Voyetra MetPerc
Vocoder PercM50
Vocoder PercM34
Vocoder PercM35
Vocoder PercM36
Vocoder PercM37
Vocoder PercM44
CR78 Menu
Vocoder PercM38
TX FM 5 Hit
Vocoder PercM47
Vocoder PercM32
Voyetra Perkchop
Vocoder PercM41
Vocoder PercM49
TX Dynsnare GM
Vocoder Perc B
Voyetra Synanvil
Vocoder PercM46
Wdf 15 rezkick
Vocoder PercM42
Vocoder PercM45
Vocoder PercM40
Vocoder PercM48
Vocoder PercM39
Voyetra AnalogBell
Voyetra MiscPerc
Vocoder Perc Map
808 Electronic Kit
Vocoder PercM31
Vocoder PercM43
Vocoder PercM30
Voyetra AlienMetal
Voyetra Noisefactory
Syn Drum
TX Dynsnare
Vocoder PercM33
909 + Electronic Kit
Martian Bells
TX FM 10 Perc
Tx Fm 11 Snare MENU
Vocoder Perc A
junk drums
Wave syn15

Size: 565 MB
Number of Sounds: 118 Sample based sounds (parent)
72 Preset sounds (child)


Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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