Studiophonik Multichannel Instruments Volume 3 : Basses

Mix the different channels within SampleTank.

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Studiophonik Multichannel Instruments for SampleTank! 

Now you can mix between dry and ambient mics for drum kits, choose and mix between different pick ups for your guitars and bass sounds in real-time, process raw acoustic and electric studio instruments with 32 studio quality effects and more!  

Volume 2: Custom Basses

Exciting new bass sounds in SampleTank format featuring a variety of performance articulations such as finger, pick, harmonics, mutes, pops, slaps and everything is mixed inside the "studio in a box" SampleTank effect section!

Sound list:


JBas Harmonics
JBas Long Pop 2Dyn
JBas Pluck 2Dyn
JBas Pop
JBass Fing Cut 2Dyn
JBass Pck 2Dyn wHarmnx
JBass Pck 2Dyn
MMST5 Harmonics
MMST5 Pick 2Dyn wHarm
MMST5 Pick 2Dyn
MMST5 Pluck 2Dyn
Mod6 Harmonics
Mod6 Long Pop
Mod6 Pick 2Dyn wHarm
Mod6 Pick 2Dyn
Mod6 Pick wHarmknocks
Mod6 Pluck 2Dyn
Mod6 Short Pop
PBass Harmonics
PBass Long Pop
PBass Mutes
PBass Pick 2Dyn
PBass Pluck 2Dyn
PBass Short Pop
Rick4 Harmonics
Rick4 Long Pop
Rick4 Pick 2Dyn AMPED
Rick4 Pick 2Dyn wHarm
Rick4 Pick 2Dyn
Rick4 Pluck 2Dyn
Rick4 Short Pop
Sad5 Harmonics
Sad5 Long Pop
Sad5 Pick 2Dyn wHarm
Sad5 Pick 2Dyn
Sad5 Pluck 2Dyn
Sad5 Short Pop


Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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