Studiophonik Multichannel Instruments Volume 2 : Guitars

Mix the different channels within SampleTank.

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Studiophonik Multichannel Instruments for SampleTank! 

Now you can mix between dry and ambient mics for drum kits, choose and mix between different pick ups for your guitars and bass sounds in real-time, process raw acoustic and electric studio instruments with 32 studio quality effects and more!  

Volume 2: Custom Guitars

Some of the best guitar sounds ever made in SampleTank format featuring the ability to morph between two pick ups, acoustic or electric, direct or amped and everything is mixed inside the "studio in a box" SampleTank effect section! 

Sound List :

Acoustical Delayp
Across Country Dry
Across Country Wet
Agressed Gtrp
Ambient Guitar Strtp
Boston Bandp
Boxed Into Telecastp
Clean Stratop
Clean Telecastp
Come As a Waaaawp
Dano Pck DI_ST Dlx2
Fender Benderp
FndrStrt MidBr DI Amp2
Fripped Outp
GB335 BR_NK Mix
Get Down Crunchyp
Hey Youzp
Holy Housesp
Jambones Gitarnessp
Jazz Hollowbodyp
Leader of the Pakp
Liquid Summersp
LP Dist O Crunchp
Martini Guitarip
Meat E Guitarp
Meet E The Guitar 2p
Mellow Lesp
MrtnAG C28_M49 Mix
Natural Acousticp
Pat Mechanicsp
Pick A Jimmy
Positively Screetchingp
Radio Tremolop
Raw Hide
Really Old Reckidp
Record Pop Acousticp
Rich Ggguitarp
Rockin Popsp
Seventies Anew
Silky Funkmoodp
Sloppy Joezp
Small Hall Hal
Squinched Sunrisep
Strt3 Br Dlx AmpMix
Sweet Acousticp
Tele 1 BR_NK3 Mix
Tele Lifep
That Vintage Gtrp
Turn The Page
Twang Thatp
Under Agua Distortedp
Unlikely Stortionp
Vol Pedal Vintagep
Wall Onep
Wicked Westp




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