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Sampletank 2.5 Expansion

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Finally a producer’s collection of Hip Hop instrument sounds makes its way to SampleTank. The perfect complement to brand new loop titles such as Hip Hop Grooves and Dirty South Grooves, Hip Hop Instruments brings you playable synths, keys, drums and production elements to instantly create Platinum hits right out of the gate. Pooling from the Sonic Reality vault archives, this collection is like a best of vintage and modern sounds specifically selected for Hip Hop producers and songwriters. With SampleTank’s built-in effects like “LoFi” and “Phonograph” you can make any sound as gritty, edgy and vintage as you need, turn any sound into an emulated sample off a vinyl record and more!

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Analog Elements
Parent Patches:

Electric Sweep
Womp Bass Pad
ElectroPop Stereo Lead
Gritty Analog Bass
In The Club Stereo Sweep
In The Future Lead
Make Em Move Lead
Rough Bass 1
Round Osc Bass
South Hop Slang Lead
South Lead
Trunk Sub

Parent Patches:

011 Raw Disease Kit
TR909 Menu
013 Kit 2 808
016 Lock Stock Kit
017 TR Boom 01
020 Stutter Kit
022 Rainsticks
031 80s Arcade Kit
034 Second Kit 808
037 Electric Kit 808
808 Kit & CR78
808 Kit 2
909 + 808 Kit
909 Kit & 808
Comb Kit
Cr78 Menu
Crispy Crunch Kit
DMS Support
Down Low Kit
Electric Freq Kit
ElectRough Kit
Flutter Kit
Kasio Kit
Lo Fly Kit 1
Lo Fly Kit 2
LoEffex Kit
P Haze Kit
TR606 Menu
TR808 Menu

Parent Patches:

AcouGtr Finger
Clean Caster
Hard Stops Gtr
Nylon Gtr

Synth Sounds
Parent Patches:

003 2500 SineSub
110 See Saw Ld
006 Bad Bass
007 Power Pad
009 Fifth of Nordy
010 The Grouch
016 Sub Station
017 ThunderBass
021 Androminous Ld
023 Poly Wanna Quadra
024 Animotion
026 Big Sizzle Pad
026 Liquid Squid
026 Syntech Bass
031 SubPad 2600
035 Sho Me The Money
037 Wow Arp DGX
045 Digital Salamander
046 Buzzy Palm
051 PortUp Ld
051 Wonk
054 New Skool Analog
098 Smacker Lead

Orchestrial Elements
Parent Patches:

Vox Choir Uh
Bass Pizz Lead
Bell Accents
Clean Piano
Epic Orchestra
Hard Vibraphone
One Stop Strings
Phantom Organ
RnB Harp
Rough String+Brass
Serious Brass
Triangle Accents
Tropical Flute
Violent Violins
Violins FastBow
Violins Pizz Lead

Analog Elements
Child Patches:

Electric Sweep Rev.stip
ElectroPop Stereo Lead Rev.stip
Gritty Analog Bass Rev.stip
In The Club Stereo Sweep Rev.stip
In The Future Lead Rev.stip
Make Em Move Lead Rev.stip
Rough Bass 1 Rev.stip
Round Osc Bass Rev.stip
South Hop Slang Lead Rev.stip
South Lead Rev.stip
Trunk Sub Rev.stip
Womp Bass Pad Rev.stip

Child Patches:

011 Raw Disease Kit Rev.stip
013 Kit 2 808 Rev.stip
016 Lock Stock Kit Rev.stip
017 TR Boom 01 Rev.stip
020 Stutter Kit Rev.stip
022 Rainsticks Rev.stip
031 80s Arcade Kit Rev.stip
034 Second Kit 808 Rev.stip
037 Electric Kit 808 Rev.stip
808 Kit 2 Rev.stip
808 Kit CR 78 Rev.stip
909 808 Kit Rev.stip
909 Kit 808 Rev.stip
Comb Kit Rev.stip
Cr78 Menu Rev.stip
Crispy Crunch Kit Rev.stip
DMS Support Rev.stip
Down Low Kit Rev.stip
Electric Freq Kit Rev.stip
ElectRough Kit Rev.stip
Flutter Kit Rev.stip
Kaiso Kit Rev.stip
Lo Fly Kit 1 Rev.stip
Lo Fly Kit 2 Rev.stip
LoEffex Kit Rev.stip
P Haze Kit Rev.stip
TR606 Menu Rev.stip
TR808 Menu Rev.stip
TR909 Menu Rev.stip

Child Patches:

AcouGtr Finger Rev.stip
Clean Coaster Rev.stip
Hard Stops Gtr Rev.stip
LPPick Rev.stip
Nylon Gtr Rev.stip
StratGtr Rev.stip
StratStops Rev.stip

Synth Sounds
Child Patches:

003 2500SineSub Rev.stip
006 Bad Bass Rev.stip
007 Power Pad Rev.stip
009 Fifth of Nordy Rev.stip
010 The Grouch Rev.stip
016 Sub Station Rev.stip
017 ThunderBass Rev.stip
021 Androminous Ld Rev.stip
023 POly Wanna Quadra Rev.stip
024 Animation Rev.stip
026 Big Sizzle Pad Rev.stip
026 Liquid Squid Rev.stip
026 Synth Bass Rev.stip
031 SubPad 2600 Rev.stip
035 Sho Me The Money Rev.stip
037 Wow Arp DGX Rev.stip
045 Digital Salamander Rev.stip
046 Buzzy Palm Rev.stip
051 PortUp Ld Rev.stip
051 Wonk Rev.stip
054 New Skool Analog Rev.stip
098 Smaker Lead Rev.stip
110 See Saw Ld Rev.stip

Orchestrial Elements
Child Patches:

Bass Pizz Lead Rev.stip
Bell Accents Rev.stip
Clean Piano Rev.stip
Epic Orchestra Rev.stip
Hard Vibraphone Rev.stip
One Stop Strings Rev.stip
Phantom Organ Rev.stip
RnB Harp Rev.stip
Rough String Bass Rev.stip
Serious Brass Rev.stip
Timpani Rev.stip
Triangle Accents Rev.stip
Tropical Flute Rev.stip
Violent Violins Rev.stip
Violins FastBow Rev.stip
Violins Pizz Lead Rev.stip
Vox Choir Uh Rev.stip

Size: 921 MB
Number of Sounds: 88 Sample based sounds (parent)
88 Preset sounds (child)


Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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