Film Orchestra Vol I SampleTank Expansion

Sampletank 2.5 Expansion

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"Film Orchestra" title originally done only as a refill for Reason but now available in other formats such as SampleTank exclusively in our downloadable soundz. Includes Dramatic orchestra samples with strings, brass, winds and percussion for film composition with rich orchestral soundscapes, pads, combinations, solo instruments, ensembles and a variety of expressive articulations. Includes multi-sampled instruments for Sampletank 2.5 (474 MB / 200 sounds) Sounds List: Aesthetica All Winds BelloPad Boat Call Bright Trumps Bubba Lead Cali Pad 17 Carlosian Pad Chord Pad Chorus Humvox Chorus Oohs Cinematix 19 Clarinet Cress Brass Dashing Dan 74 DronePad Emotion Notion English Horn Exploration Fairvox 3 Fat Brass Film Lick Film View Flute Full Orchestra Full Strings Gabe Toys Grand Piano A Harmon Sweet Horns Mellow HuckBerry Fin Hummvox Its Dreamy Jason Humvox Johnny Jist Magical Maydaze Marcato Strings Melhorn Chorus MotionSyn 01 MotionSyn 02 MotionSyn 04 MotionSyn 05 MoviePad Mullholland Muted Trumpet Mystery Pad Oboe Octave Pad Olde Brass Orch Perc Hall Orch Perc Studio Orchestramix Paul Wish Art Piano String Brt Piccolo Pizz Strings Robbbb Baby Silk Underoos Slow Violin Solo Bassoon Solo Cello Solo Violin Stack Oohs Station Pass Str Quartet 1 Str Quartet 2 Stringhorn Stringwind The Beam These Dreamth Thick Brass Toot Flute Trombone Trumpet Tuba Voxy Chorus Wrightwood


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