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Sonic Reality's House loop collection features over 450 loops that will instantly transport you to the club!  These 19 construction kits contain everything needed to create authentic house music: drums, basses, synths, and more!  The ability to mix and match virtually endless combinations of loops allows for endless inspiration with Sonic Reality's House loop collection!

Includes the following loop sets:

Total size: 443MB

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About the Wave Pak Series :

This collection is the ideal writing and production tool for any musician and a great addition to popular products like Ableton Liv , Sony Acid Pro, Steinberg Cubase, Nuendo, Digidesign ProTools, FL Studio, Project 5, Sonar and every other DAW or sample since most of them are compatible with the universal Wave format. It's a powerful loop sound collection that works with nearly everything at a price that any musician can afford.

Questions and Answers :

  1. What about the Wave Paks make them the ideal expansion libraries for products like Ableton Live, Sony Acid Pro, Sonar and other DAWS?
    Every loop in the Wave Paks are optimized for easy time stretching because they are "Acidized" waves. The way the loops are organized and the genre-based titles make it easy to find the loops that you are looking for to add to your music writing and production set up. With the Waves you also have loops that are instantly compatible with any sampler plug-in as well for the ultimate flexibility of use with your software.
  2. How are Sonic Reality's Wave Paks different from Sony's Acid libraries?
    The Sonic Reality Wave Paks not only offer different material to add to your set up regardless of which Acid or other Wave libraries you may have but they also offer a high end studio sound with a lot of variety of different instruments you can t find anywhere else.
  3. Should I use these loops even with a sampler or directly in my DAW?
    The benefit of the Wave Paks is that they are compatible not only with products that read Acidized Waves but they also work with any DAW or sampler that reads 24 bit Wave files. You can use these loops in either a DAW or sampler or both. For DAW use you can often drag and drop right into the arrange window of the song like recorded audio tracks and just repeat as needed. With samplers you can trigger the loops from the keyboard and run them through the synth and DSP engines of the sampler for the production flexibility working with loops.
  4. How are the Wave Pak titles different from the R.A.W. Style Paks?
    The Wave Pak titles contain the same loops as the corresponding R.A.W. Style Pak title but contain only the Wave format versions while R.A.W. contains three format versions of each loop: Rex2, Apple Loops and Wave all in the same box.
  5. Are these loops high quality studio grooves suitable for album production?
    Yes, these loops are all recorded in top studios with state of the art equipment so that they sit well in the mix and are designed to make professional music. Sonic Reality produces highly acclaimed sound collections in the industry and has provided sounds for some of the most popular keyboard and software products. With these loops you are getting the state of the art in production quality, character and usability.
  6. Will there be more styles available in the future in this series?
    Sonic Reality's motto is "Sample Everything". The plan is to cover every popular style of groove and offer it in easy to understand titles at great prices so you can find what you are looking for and have some assistance in making any style of music or combination.


Operating System
Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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Additional Information

Each loop in this library is offered in Acidized Wave format for use directly in Live, Acid, FL Studio or any other Wave compatible DAW or sampler.

This library is also offered as a R.A.W. Style Pak, which includes all 3 formats (Rex, Apple Loops and Wave) of each loop for the ultimate in groove control and flexibility.

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