Ultra ReFill Gold Bundle (includes Ultra Hip Hop, Ultra Electronic and Ultra Symphonic)

18 Hot ReFills for Reason!

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Ultra ReFill Gold

Ultra ReFill Gold features 18 Reason Refills from Sonic Reality!  All of these Refills purchased individually would cost a fortune, but they are available here for download at one low price!  Ultra ReFill Gold includes 18 of the hottest ReFills for Reason 4 and above.

This is the most massive and ultimate way to recharge your Reason 4 experience - Fill Up!

18 Refills included in Ultra ReFill Gold:

  • Ultra Electronic Drums
  • Ultra Electronic Instruments
  • Ultra Electronic NNXT Construction Kits
  • Ultra Electronic REX Construction Kits
  • Ultra Electronic REX Grooves
  • Ultra Electronic Thortronic
  • Ultra Hip Hop Drum Kits
  • Ultra Hip Hop Instruments
  • Ultra Hip Hop NNXT Construction Kits
  • Ultra Hip Hop REX Construction Kits
  • Ultra Hip Hop Rexfill
  • Ultra Hip Hop Thorfill
  • Ultra Symphonic Brass
  • Ultra Symphonic Orchestral Elements
  • Ultra Symphonic REX
  • Ultra Symphonic Strings
  • Ultra Symphonic Thorchestra
  • Ultra Symphonic Woodwinds

*Compatible with Reason 4 and above!

** Taken from Sonic Reality's Ultra Hip Hop, Electronic, and Symphonic ReFills.


Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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