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Modern Hip Hop 1 features 480 loops from Sonic Reality's Rap, Modern Dance Rap, and Dirty South 2 libraries!  These seventeen high-quality construction kits are made up of drums, bass and synth lines, vocals and FX, and more!  This wide variety of hip hop loops provides all the essentials you need to make hot productions.  Drag and drop to effortlessly mix and match endless combinations of loops to keep your creativity flowing with Sonic Reality's Modern Hip Hop 1!

Includes the following loop sets:

Total size: 945MB

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About the Rex Pak Series :

This collection is the ideal writing and production tool for any musician and a great addition to popular products like Reason, Stylus RMX (it has even been designed specifically to drag and drop into Stylus RMX), Mackie Tracktion, FL Studio, Kontakt, HALion, EXS24, ProTools, Cubase, Sonar and every other Rex2-compatible DAW or sampler. It's a powerful loop sound collection that works with everything at a price that any musician can afford.

Questions and Answers :

  1. What about the Rex Paks make them the ideal expansion libraries for Stylus RMX?
    Every loop in the Rex Pak series was organized in a special folder set up to comply with Stylus RMX’s drag and drop import capability for reading REX2 files. Stylus RMX users can add thousands of Sonic Reality Rex2 grooves to add not only more acoustic “raw drums” but also bass lines, guitar riffs and other loops that you don’t find within Stylus RMX. 
  2. How are the Rex Paks different from Sonic Reality’s Refills for Reason 3?
    The Sonic Refill series is predominantly multi-sampled instruments and patches for the various modules in the Reason rack. While there are some Rex2 grooves on the refills the Rex Paks offer a major focus on JUST grooves that are not only fully compatible with Reason’s DR. REX and NNXT but also happen to work with many other DAWS and Samplers as well since they are not packed into a refill just for Reason. You could say it is made FOR Reason users but ALSO for users of everything else in the same box!
  3. Can I use these loops even without owning a sampler or instrument plug-in?
    Yes, you can even bring these loops directly into your sequencer as long as it is Rex2 compatible such as ProTools, Cubase, Logic, Sonar, FL Studio and others! You simply arrange them in your audio tracks. Since each loop is expertly sliced in this flexible format for control of the tempo and groove many sequencers have features that will allow these grooves to instantly change to the tempo of your song without you having to spend the time to stretch it yourself. (note: sometimes it is better to use the Wave or Apple Loop versions for this purpose however which are available separately)
  4. How are the Rex Pak titles different from the R.A.W. Style Paks?
    The Rex Pak titles contain the same loops as the corresponding R.A.W. Style Pak title but contain only the Rex2 format versions while R.A.W. contains three format versions of each loop: Rex2, Apple Loops and Wave all in the same box.
  5. Are these loops high quality studio grooves suitable for album production ?
    Yes, these loops are all recorded in top studios with state of the art equipment so that they sit well in the mix and are designed to make professional music.
  6. Do you have access to individual hits and on shots?
    If you own a sampler that reads Rex2 then absolutely! With REX2 format samplers like Kontakt 2, Reason’s NNXT, HALion and others map out the slices across the keyboard. You actually have tens of thousands of individual hits to play with in each collection There are over a quarter million slices in the complete Rex Pak series which is an unbelievably rich source of sounds for the money. The Rex Pak series is a music production tool with limitless possibilities whether you use the grooves as they are or manipulate them, change their feel, replay the slices, process and produce them to fit your music.


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Additional Information

Each loop in this library is offered in Rex 2 format for use directly in Reason, Stylus RMX (with drag and drop support), Kontakt or any other Rex 2 compatible DAW or sampler.

This library is also offered as a R.A.W. Style Pak, which includes all 3 formats (Rex, Apple Loops and Wave) of each loop for the ultimate in groove control and flexibility.

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