R.A.W. Style Pak: Bollywood Grooves

Premium Rex, Apple Loops, and Acidized Waves Collection

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Product Information

Bollywood Grooves brings the compelling sound and energized feel of the modern Indian film genre to your music productions with over 1GB and 250 loops at several tempos from 100 to 150 bpm. Bollywood Grooves features the popular Bollywood mix of traditional Indian instruments such as tabla, sitar, sarang, dilruba and harmonium along with Mediterranean instruments (bazouki, hurdy gurdy, tambourine), Japanese instruments (koto, shakuhachi) and western instruments (violin, string section, flute, guitar). Whether you re producing hip hop or rock, creating film scores or atmospheric chill out music, get the cutting edge sound you need by seasoning your tracks with some fresh Indian spice!

About the R.A.W. Style Pak Series:

This collection is the ideal writing and production tool for any musician and a great addition to popular products like Reason, Ableton Live, Mackie Tracktion, FL Studio, Stylus RMX (it has even been designed specifically to drag and drop into Stylus RMX), Apple GarageBand, Soundtrack, Logic, Sony Acid, Kontakt, HALion, EXS24, ProTools, Cubase, Sonar, Digital Performer and every other DAW or sampler. It is a universal loop sound collection that works with everything at a price that any musician can afford.

Includes sounds from the following sets:


Tempos 100-150 bpm.

Contains 250 grooves.  Total size: 1.03 (uncompressed WAV)

Total size: 1.03 GB (uncompressed WAV), 250 loops

Operating System

•Windows XP/Vista

•Mac OSX

•Universal Binary

Sample Format

•Sounds may be used in all DAWs and samplers that support R.A.W. (Rex 2, Apple Loops, Acidized Wave)


Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

Audio Demos

Additional Information

Each loop in this R.A.W. Pak is delivered in multiple formats for the ultimately in flexible groove control:
  • Rex - Rex 2 format files for use directly in Reason, Stylus RMX (with drag and drop support), Kontakt or any other Rex 2 compatible DAW or sampler
  • Apple Loops - Apple Loops format files for use directly in Garage Band, Soundtrack, Logic or any other Apple Loops compatible DAW or sampler
  • Acidized Wave - Acidized Wave format files for use directly in Live, Acid, FL Studio or any other Wave compatible DAW or sampler.

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