Orchestral Strings Kapsule - Infinite Player Library for Kontakt

Infinite Player Library for Kontakt

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*You MUST own Infinite Player in order to use this library.  Infinite Player is not available for purchase at this time.

The Strings Kapsule library for the Infinite Player features beautifully sampled solo and ensemble strings featuring violin, viola, cello and contrabass. Solo and ensemble patches are sampled in a variety of performance articulations such as legato, staccato, pizzicato, tremolo, sul ponte, spiccato, detache and more. This vast collection of 1.75 GB of sounds is suitable for many different styles of music from media composition to pop production and more.

This product is an Infinite Player library for Kontakt. You must have an installed and registered Infinite Player in order to use these sounds in Kontakt. Only one Infinite Player installation is necessary to run all of your Infinite Player libraries from Sonic Reality. Remember that while Kontakt Player itself is FREE from Native Instruments, these third party sounds do require a “gateway” for them to be authorized to be played in Kontakt Player or the full version of Kontakt. The gateway that unlocks Sonic Reality sounds is called the “Infinite Player.” You add the Infinite Player library into Kontakt, and then you authorize the library through the Native Instruments Service Center Application. You must have the Infinite Player in order to play Sonic Reality sounds.  If you do not already own Infinite Player, it can be purchased below.

Purchase Sonic Reality's Infinite Player

Basses Detache Vel.nki
Basses Detache.nki
Basses Fast Legato.nki
Basses Full LP.nki
Basses Full.nki
Basses High Range.nki
Basses Looped
Basses Low Range.nki
Basses LP.nki
Basses Pizz Vel.nki
Basses Pizz.nki
Basses Stacc Vel.nki
Basses Staccato.nki
Basses Tremolo LP.nki
Basses Tremolo.nki
Basses Vel LP.nki
Basses Vel.nki
Cellos 1 LP.nki
Cellos 1.nki
Cellos 2 LP.nki
Cellos 2.nki
Cellos Detache Legato.nki
Cellos Detache Vel.nki
Cellos Detache.nki
Cellos Expressivo LP.nki
Cellos Expressivo Vel.nki
Cellos Expressivo.nki
Cellos No Vib Fast.nki
Cellos No Vib LP.nki
Cellos No Vib Slow.nki
Cellos No Vib Vel.nki
Cellos Pizzicato Vel.nki
Cellos Pizzicato.nki
Cellos Staccato Vel.nki
Cellos Staccato.nki
Cellos Tremolo LP.nki
Cellos Tremolo.nki
Cellos Vel LP.nki
Cellos Vel.nki
Violas 1 LP.nki
Violas 1.nki
Violas 2 LP.nki
Violas 2.nki
Violas Detache Legato.nki
Violas Detache Vel.nki
Violas Detache.nki
Violas Expressivo LP.nki
Violas Expressivo Vel LP.nki
Violas Expressivo Vel.nki
Violas Expressivo.nki
Violas Fast Legato.nki
Violas No Vib LP.nki
Violas No Vib.nki
Violas Pizzicato Vel.nki
Violas Pizzicato.nki
Violas SP Slow LP.nki
Violas Staccato Vel.nki
Violas Staccato.nki
Violas Tremolo LP.nki
Violas Tremolo.nki
Violas Vel LP.nki
Violas Vel.nki
23 Violins 1 LP.nki
23 Violins 1.nki
23 Violins 2 LP.nki
23 Violins 2.nki
23 Violins Detache 2 Sec.nki
23 Violins Detache Long.nki
23 Violins Detache Shrt.nki
23 Violins Detache Vel.nki
23 Violins Fast Leg LP.nki
23 Violins Fast Legato.nki
23 Violins FastBow.nki
23 Violins Leg Vel LP.nki
23 Violins Marcato 1.nki
23 Violins Marcato 2.nki
23 Violins Marcato 3.nki
23 Violins No Vib +V LP.nki
23 Violins No Vib +V.nki
23 Violins No Vib LP.nki
23 Violins No Vib Vel LP.nki
23 Violins No Vib Vel.nki
23 Violins No Vib.nki
23 Violins Pizz 1.nki
23 Violins Pizz 2.nki
23 Violins Pizz 3.nki
23 Violins Pizz Vel.nki
23 Violins Slow LP.nki
23 Violins Slow.nki
23 Violins Stacc Vel.nki
23 Violins Stacc.nki
23 Violins Tremolo 1 LP.nki
23 Violins Tremolo 2 LP.nki
23 Violins Tremolo.nki
23 Violins Vel LP.nki
23 Violins Vel.nki
11 Violins Detache Long.nki
11 Violins Detache Shrt.nki
11 Violins Detache Vel.nki
11 Violins Exp 1 Slow.nki
11 Violins Exp 2 Slow.nki
11 Violins Exp Fast LP.nki
11 Violins Exp Fast.nki
11 Violins Exp Slow LP.nki
11 Violins Exp Slow Vel.nki
11 Violins Exp Vel LP.nki
11 Violins LP.nki
11 Violins Mute LP.nki
11 Violins Mute.nki
11 Violins No Vib B LP.nki
11 Violins No Vib LP.nki
11 Violins No Vib Vel LP.nki
11 Violins No Vib Vel.nki
11 Violins No Vib.nki
11 Violins Pizzicato 2 Vel.nki
11 Violins Pizzicato 2.nki
11 Violins Pizzicato.nki
11 Violins Soft LP.nki
11 Violins Soft.nki
11 Violins SP Fast.nki
11 Violins SP Slow LP.nki
11 Violins SP Slow.nki
11 Violins SP Trem LP.nki
11 Violins SP Trem.nki
11 Violins SP Vel.nki
11 Violins Stacc Shrt.nki
11 Violins Stacc Vel.nki
11 Violins Stacc.nki
11 Violins Trem LP.nki
11 Violins Trem.nki
11 Violins Vel LP.nki
11 Violins Vel.nki
11 Violins.nki
Bass 1 LP.nki
Bass 2 LP.nki
Bass Detache Vel.nki
Bass Detache.nki
Bass High Range LP.nki
Bass High Range.nki
Bass Low Range LP.nki
Bass Low Range.nki
Bass Pizzicato Shrt.nki
Bass Pizzicato Vel.nki
Bass Pizzicato.nki
Bass Staccato Vel.nki
Bass Staccato.nki
Bass Tremolo LP.nki
Cello 1 LP.nki
Cello 1.nki
Cello 2 LP.nki
Cello Detache 1.nki
Cello Detache Dark.nki
Cello Detache Long 1.nki
Cello Detache Long 2.nki
Cello Detache Long S.nki
Cello Detache Short 2.nki
Cello Detache Short 3.nki
Cello Detache Short.nki
Cello Detache Vel.nki
Cello Full Vel.nki
Cello Full.nki
Cello High Range.nki
Cello Low Range.nki
Cello Pizzicato Vel.nki
Cello Pizzicato.nki
Cello Staccato Vel.nki
Cello Staccato.nki
Cello Tremolo 1 LP.nki
Cello Tremolo 1.nki
Cello Vel LP.nki
Viola + LP.nki
Viola 1 LP.nki
Viola 1.nki
Viola 2 LP.nki
Viola 2.nki
Viola Dark.nki
Viola Detache Short.nki
Viola Detache Vel.nki
Viola Detache.nki
Viola Pizzicato Vel.nki
Viola Pizzicato.nki
Viola Spiccato M.nki
Viola Staccato Vel.nki
Viola Staccato.nki
Viola Tremolo M LP.nki
Viola Tremolo M.nki
Viola Vel LP.nki
Viola Vel.nki
Violin 1 LP.nki
Violin 2 LP.nki
Violin Celo Tonova.nki
Violin Detache Sharp Fast.nki
Violin Detache Sharp.nki
Violin Detache Short.nki
Violin Detache Spiccato.nki
Violin Detache Vel.nki
Violin Glissando 1 and 2.nki
Violin Glissando 1.nki
Violin High Range.nki
Violin Low Range.nki
Violin Pizz High Range.nki
Violin Pizz Low Range.nki
Violin Pizzicato Mute.nki
Violin Pizzicato Vel.nki
Violin Pizzicato.nki
Violin Quarty Glisanda.nki
Violin Spiccato Trem.nki
Violin Spiccato.nki
Violin Staccato 1.nki
Violin Staccato 2.nki
Violin Staccato Vel.nki
Violin Sul Ponty.nki
Violin Tremolo LP.nki
Violin Tremolo.nki
Violin Trill.nki
Violin Vel LP.nki
Violin Vel.nki

Kapsules require Sonic Reality's Infinite Player, powered by Kontakt. 

This product does not include the Infinite Player.

To purchase the Infinite Player, please go to:



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sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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