Miroslav Refill: Woodwinds

Expressive and Passionate Orchestral Woodwinds

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Miroslav Refill: Woodwinds

A complete collection of expressive solo and ensemble woodwinds from the Miroslav Orchestra archives, such as flute, piccolo, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, English horn, Bassoon, Contrabassoon and more. These are considered to be some of the most beautiful woodwinds that have ever been sampled. Featuring performance articulations such as sustained legato, vibrato, flutter, staccato, portato and more. Includes additional bonus symphonic textures and powerful interactive orchestra combis.

Made for Reason 3!

For the first time, the legendary high-end Miroslav Orchestra and Choir libraries have been specifically designed for Reason 3. Each volume features its own unique Combinator interface with performance parameters designed to make it easy to get a lush and full orchestral sound with incredible realism and expression.

Each Miroslav Refill comes on a DVD and includes samples from the original Miroslav Vitous Symphonic library, plus additional articulations, ensembles and performance elements designed for use with Reason 3's Combinator module and NN-XT sampler. The samples were recorded in the Dvorak Symphony Hall in Prague and in their true spatial positioning.

"After working directly with Propellerhead on Reason 3's factory sound bank and on our own Sonic Refill titles, we are excited to bring more high-end sample collections to the Reason 3 platform. Reason users can now have what was originally a $4,000 symphonic sample library, for a fraction of the price." - Dave Kerzner, CEO, Sonic Reality


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