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Modern Hip Hop  2 

Continuing from where Modern Hip Hop 1 left off, this Pak Features 25 song construction kits ranging from 60bpm to 115bpm. Hard Drums that Kick and Snap right in your face. Synth influenced music where Sawtooths and Squares battle for influence. The chord changes are thoughtful and almost always in minor scales. Serious music for singers to write over and rappers to test their skills. Modern Hip Hop 2 is a snapshot of the R&B Hip 
Hop Top 40 that will still be relevant 5 years from now. 

*Not looking for the Kontakt version? The same grooves are available as R.A.W. (Rex / Apple Loop / Wave) and RMX Paks for Stylus here

R.A.W. Modern Hip Hop 2 Modern Hip Hop 2 for Stylus RMX

Konstruction is a powerful and easy to use expandable loop workstation featuring thousands of 24-bit REX files conveniently mapped across the keyboard in song style "construction kits."  Loops instantly follow the tempo of your host sequencer and can be triggered simultaneously from the keyboard in any combination.  Riffs, grooves and effects from acoustic and electronic drums, percussion, bass, guitars, vocals, horns, strings, keyboards and synths are included for instant song creation and the ultimate variety of inspiration  Konstruction can be used for diverse music styles from Hip Hop to R&B, Pop, Rock, TV, Film and Game Scoring, Electronic Music and more!  It can be further expanded with downloadable Konstruction Paks which are additional sound collections themed by specific styles of music.

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Konstruction is a product for Sonic Reality's Infinite Player, powered by Kontakt. 

This product does not include the Infinite Player.

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