Electronic Drums Kapsule - Infinite Player Library for Kontakt

A Variety Pack of Stereo Processed Drum Kits for Infinite Player

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Product Information

*You MUST own Infinite Player in order to use this library.  Infinite Player is not available for purchase at this time.

The Electronic Drums Kapsule adds high-quality effected acoustic and electronic drum kits to your sample collection. You ll find the Eclectronic Drums Kapsule to be an excellent way to add variety and depth to your drum arsenal.

Inside the Eclectronic Drums Kapsule you ll find kits that deliver a wide range of sonic possibilities. All kits are mapped to the GM standard as well as individually for easy integration into your current projects and your sequencer's drum editor.

The sample content of this library previously appeared in the Electronic Drum Sonic Capsule. Crossgrades available.

Sonic Reality's Kapsules series for Infinite Player provides a vast array of instruments for every style of music.  Instruments range from acoustic to electric, vintage to electronic, classic to rare and esoteric.  The Kontakt Player interface allows the user to manipulate the sounds with effects (compressor, distortion, reverb, delay), EQ, envelope, filters, and LFO, as well as basic panning, volume and velocity.  Each Kapsule provides an assortment of essential instruments for any musician or producer!

This product requires a registered Infinite Player.  Remember that while Kontakt Player itself is FREE from Native Instruments (we provide it to you for convenience), these third party sounds do require a “gateway” for them to be played in Kontakt Player or the full version of Kontakt. The gateway that unlocks Sonic Reality sounds with NI’s service center is called the “Infinite Player.” You must have the Infinite Player in order to play Sonic Reality sounds.  If you do not already own Infinite Player, it can be purchased below.

Purchase Sonic Reality's Infinite Player

5 Toms
808 Cym 2
808 Gmp & CR78
808 Hts & CR78
808 Hts 2
808 Kik & CR78
808 Kik 2
808 Kit & CR78
808 Kit 2
808 Snr & CR78
808 Snr 2
808 Tms & CR78
808 Tms 2
909 Cym & 808
909 Hts & 808
909 Kik & 808
909 Kit & 808
909 Snr & 808
909 Tms & 808
Acoustic Storm Cym
Acoustic Storm Gmp
Acoustic Storm Hts
Acoustic Storm Kik
Acoustic Storm Kit
Acoustic Storm Rds
Acoustic Storm Snr
Acoustic Storm Tms
Alien ToolCym Cym
Alien ToolGmp Gmp
Alien ToolHts Hts
Alien ToolKik Kik
Alien Toolkit Rds
Alien ToolKit
Alien ToolSnr Snr
Alien ToolTms Tms
Analogrythm Kik
Analogrythm Snr
Analogrythm Tms
Big Tom Menu
Big Tom
Blown Cym
Blown Kik
Blown Rds
Blown Snr
Blown Tms
Bone Dry Cym
Bone Dry Hts
Bone Dry Kik
Bone Dry Rds
Bone Dry Snr
Bone Dry Tms
Bone Kit
Bustin Cym
Bustin Kik
Bustin Rds
Bustin Snr
Bustin Tms
Chirpy Cym
Chirpy Hts
Chirpy Kik
Chirpy Rds
Chirpy Snr
Chirpy Tms
Comb Cym
Comb Gmp
Comb Hts
Comb Kik
Comb Kit
Comb Rds
Comb Snr
Comb Tms
Copy of Planet Dust Snr
Copy of Pressure Snr
Core In Cym
Core In Hts
Core In Kik
Core In Kit
Core In Snr
Core In Tms
Cr78 Menu
Crispy Crunch Cym
Crispy Crunch Gmp
Crispy Crunch Hts
Crispy Crunch Kik
Crispy Crunch Kit
Crispy Crunch Rds
Crispy Crunch Snr
Crispy Crunch Tms
Dax Hts
Dax Kik
Dax Kit
Dax Rds
Dax Snr
Dax Tms
Decay Day Cym
Decay Day Hts
Decay Day Kik
Decay Day Kit
Decay Day Rds
Decay Day Snr
Decay Day Tms
Dirty Verb Gmp
Dirty Verb Hts
Dirty Verb Kik
Dirty Verb Rds
Dirty Verb Snr
Dirty Verb Tms
DrumCh Menu1
DrumCh Menu2
Dry Ice Cym
Dry Ice Gmp
Dry Ice Hts
Dry Ice Kik
Dry Ice Kit
Dry Ice Rds
Dry Ice Snr
Dry Ice Tms
Effex Kit Sv3
Effex Kit Sv3
Effex Kit Sv3
Electaistic Cym
Electaistic Hts
Electaistic Kik
Electaistic kit
Electaistic Rds
Electaistic Snr
Electaistic Tms
Electro Kit 2
Electro Kit 3
Electro Kit 4
Electro Kit 5
Emu Drum Menu
Emu Kit1
Enigma Cym
Enigma Hts
Enigma Kik
Enigma Snr
Enigma Tms
Enigmatic Kit
Filt Kit
Filt Kit
Filt Kit
Filt Tite Kit
Flr tm menu
Flutter Cym
Flutter Gmp
Flutter Hts
Flutter Kik
Flutter Kit
Flutter Rds
Flutter Snr
Flutter Tms
Frea Kit
Freak Cym
Freak Hts
Freak Kik
Freak Rds
Freak Snr
Freak Tms
Gated Cym
Gated Hts
Gated Kik
Gated Mad Kit
Gated Rds
Gated Snr
Gated Tms
Grunge a Thon Cym
Grunge a Thon Hts
Grunge a Thon Kik
Grunge a Thon Kit
Grunge a Thon Rds
Grunge a Thon Snr
Grunge a Thon Tms
Hauling Oats Cym
Hauling Oats Gmp
Hauling Oats Hts
Hauling Oats Kik
Hauling Oats Kit
Hauling Oats Rds
Hauling Oats Snr
Hauling Oats Tms
Hit-o-doodle Cym
Hit-o-doodle Hts
Hit-o-doodle Kik
Hit-o-doodle Rds
Hit-o-doodle Tms
Just a Phaze Cym
Just a Phaze Gmp
Just a Phaze Hts
Just a Phaze Kik
Just a Phaze Rds
Just a Phaze Srn
Just a Phaze Tms
Knock Cym
Knock Hts
Knock Kik
Knock Kit
Knock Rds
Knock Snr
Knock Tms
Kompressure Cym
Kompressure Hts
Kompressure Kik
Kompressure Kit
Kompressure Rds
Kompressure Snr
Kompressure Tms
LiveChemica Cym
LiveChemica Kikl
LiveChemical Hts
LiveChemical Rds
Lo Fly Kit 1
Lo Fly Kit 2
LoEffex Kit
LoFi Brush Kit
LoFi Brush Kit
LoFi Brush Kit
LoFi Brush Kit
LoFi Brush Kit
LoFi Brush Kit
LoFly Kit 1
LoFly Kit 1
LoFly Kit 1
LoFly Kit 1
LoFly Kit 1
LoFly Kit 1
LoFly Kit 1
LoFly Kit 2
LoFly Kit 2
LoFly Kit 2
LoFly Kit 2
LoFly Kit 2
LoFly Kit 2
LoFly Kit 2
Lud Snr 1 menu
Lud Snr 2 menu
Massive Ridnr
Mega Tom menu
Monsta Cym
Monsta Gmp
Monsta Hts
Monsta Kik
Monsta Kit
Monsta Rds
Monsta Snr
Monsta Tms
MTom Map
Muffalota Kit
Nacart Cym
Nacart Hts
Nacart Kik
Nacart Rds
Nacart Tms
Nick-a-kit Cym
Nick-a-kit Rds
Nick-a-kit Snr
Nick-a-kit Tms
Niomi Cym
Niomi Hts
Niomi Kik
Niomi Kit
Niomi Rds
Niomi Snr
Niomi Tms
nxt kick menu
Other Club Kit
Outland Cym 2
Outland Gmp 2
Outland Hts 2
Outland Kik 2
Outland Kit 2
Outland Rds 2
Outland Snr 2
Outland Tms 2
P Haze Cym
P Haze Gmp
P Haze Hts
P Haze Kik
P Haze Kit
P Haze Rds
P Haze Snr
P Haze Tms
Planet Dust Cym
Planet Dust Gmp
Planet Dust Hts
Planet Dust Kik
Planet Dust Kit
Planet Dust Rds
Planet Dust Snr
Planet Dust Tms
Pressure Hts
Pressure Kik
Pressure Kit
Pressure Snr
Prl Tm 1 2 menu
Prl Tm 1 menu
Prl tm 2 menu
Prl xtra menu
Quic Cym
Quic Hts
Quic KIt
Quic Rds
Quic Tms
Ridin Out Kit
Riding in Cym
Riding in Hts
Riding in Rds
Riding in Tms
Ridn kiks 1 menu
Ridn kiks 2 menu
Ridn Snr Menu
Ridn Tom2 menu
Ridn Tom3 menu
Ring Mod Cym
Ring Mod Gmp
Ring Mod Hts
Ring Mod Kik
Ring Mod Kit
Ring Mod Rds
Ring Mod Snr
Ring Mod Tms
Simmonz 5 Kit
Simnz Cym 1
Simnz Cym 2
Simnz Hts 1
Simnz Hts 2
Simnz Kik 1
Simnz Kik 2
Simnz Kit 1
Simnz Kit 2
Simnz Rds 1
Simnz Rds 2
Simnz Snr 1
Simnz Snr 2
Simnz Tms 1
Simnz Tms 2
Skip Cym
Skip Hts
Skip Kik
Skip Kit
Skip Rds
Skip Snr
Skip Tms
Smack Back Kit
Smack Verb Cym
Smack Verb Gmp
Smack Verb Hts
Smack Verb Kik
Smack Verb Rds
Smack Verb Snr
Smack Verb Tms
Solidairy Kit
Solidify Cym
Solidify Hts
Solidify Kik
Solidify Rds
Solidify Snr
Solidify Tms
Space Can Cym
Space Can Gmp
Space Can Hts
Space Can Kik
Space Can Rds
Space Can Snr
Space Can Tms
Space Invaderz Cym
Space Invaderz Hts
Space Invaderz Kik
Space Invaderz Kit
Space Invaderz Rds
Space Invaderz Snr
Space Invaderz Tms
SpankE Kit
Stickin Cym
Stickin Kik
Stickin Kit2
Stickin Rds
Stickin Tms
Submarine Kit
Submarine Kit
Submarine Kit
Submarine Kit
Submarine Kit
Submarine Kit
Submarine Kit
Sweet Cym
Sweet Hts
Sweet Kik
Sweet Kit
Sweet Rds
Sweet Snr
Sweet Tms
That's Heavy Cym
That's Heavy Gmp
That's Heavy Hts
That's Heavy Kik
That's Heavy Kit
That's Heavy Rds
That's Heavy Snr
That's Heavy Tms
Third Massive Tom
Thru a Phaze Kit
Titan Dry Cym
Titan Dry Gmp
Titan Dry Hts
Titan Dry Kik
Titan Dry Rds
Titan Dry Snr
Titan Dry Tms
Titan Kit
TR606 Menu
TR808 Menu
TR909 Menu
Tuf-e-nuff Cym
Tuf-e-nuff kit
Tuf-e-nuff Rds
Tuf-e-nuff Snr
Tuf-e-nuff Tms
Twister Cym
Twister Hts
Twister Kik
Twister Kit
Twister Rds
Twister Snr
Twister Tms
Verbage Comb Kit
Verbage Cym
Verbage Gmp
Verbage Hts
Verbage Kik
Verbage Rds
Verbage Snr
Verbage Tms
Whisper Wash Cym
Whisper Wash Gmp
Whisper Wash Hts
Whisper Wash Kik
Whisper Wash Kit
Whisper Wash Rds
Whisper Wash Snr
Whisper Wash Tms
Xpando Cym
Xpando Gmp
Xpando Hts
Xpando Kik
Xpando Rds
Xpando Snr
Xpando Standing Kit
Xpando Tms
Xtract Cym 1
Xtract Hts 1
Xtract Kik 1
Xtract Kit 1
Xtract Rds 1
Xtract Snr 1
Xtract Tms 1
ZLoFly Kit 1
ZLoFly Kit 2

Kapsules require Sonic Reality's Infinite Player, powered by Kontakt. 

This product does not include the Infinite Player.

To purchase the Infinite Player, please go to:



Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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