Drum Masters 2: Classic Rock Stereo Drum Kit
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*You MUST own Infinite Player in order to use this library.  Infinite Player is not available for purchase at this time.

Drums For Those About to Classic Rock!

This product is a multi-sampled DW "Classic Rock" drum kit made to be played from Sonic Reality’s Infinite Player. It is a 6 piece kit that was recorded with snares on in a unique stone live room. It also has a Yamaha® Sub Kick channel for adding in deep bass. While this kit wasn t modeled after any specific single drummer, its main purpose is to accompany the wide variety of Classic Rock grooves done in the same session. The concept behind this title was to go for a wide variety of signature beats covering a range from the 60's to the 70's to 80's and 90's with grooves in the style of Eagles, Doors, Boston, Doobie Brothers, Pink Floyd, ACDC, Metallica, Pearl Jam and many others. The kit has a unique edge to it with a higher pitched snare that cuts through the mix. The make of the kit and the way it was recorded would suggest it is more of an "80's and 90's sounding" kit, yet it was used in this collection to play in the style of bands going back through decades of rock history.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  Any brand and model names are for reference only; no affiliation is implied.

Sonic Notes:

Quote from Dave Kerzner of Sonic Reality about the Classic Rock Kit: "We had actually done two general purpose Classic Rock drum sampling sessions with Mark Hornsby very early on in the Studio ProFiles series. The other kit and groove material may be released at some point as well. These two sessions were done before I later decided to focus more on specific character rock sounds and grooves but there's still the benefit of offering a broader range in one product especially for the multi-track Classic Rock groove set that is associated with this kit. For someone who wants good bang for the buck variety on the grooves and the kit that was used to play them then you ve certainly got a great deal here with the Classic Rock Drum Masters titles. This is a nice all purpose rock drum set. From the way it was recorded one could say it's particularly useful for Hard Rock."

Easy to Use, Intuitive and Flexible Graphic User Interface!

Whether you play from the keyboard, V-Drums™ or any electronic drum kit, Drum Masters 2 has some of the most advanced features for round robin randomization of hits, performance articulations like ghost notes, snare rolls, and hits from center to edge to rim. With new “ MIDI learn”, custom kits can be tailored for any drum pad set up. It includes GM, iMap and a new Performance mode for expressive MIDI grooves and universal compatibility all in one package. Top that off with ready to go mixes, built-in effects and infinite expandability, Drum Masters 2 is the ultimate virtual drum solution!

Example Drum Masters "Multi" Drum Kit Screen Shot

Drum Masters Stereo Drum Kits:

Drum Masters Stereo Drum Kits are great for quick loading and efficient use of your computer's power. Instead of discrete mic channel mixing like Drum Masters Multi-track kits, with the Stereo Kits you have a "Ready to Go" mix of the mics preserved in less channels taking up less polyphony. You still have a individual control of the overall levels for each kit pieces like kick, snare, toms, hats and cymbals which offers a balance of speed and convenience without total sacrifice of sonic flexibility. Additionally most of the drum kits mixed without additional processing for a natural acoustic sound with the flexibility to get a wide variety of produced sounds within your DAW using your favorite effect plug-ins. The kit pieces are also easily interchangeable for creating an unlimited number of customized kits. Drum Masters kits can also be combined with authentic played audio grooves from the same session for building the ultimate drum track with realism.


• Diverse Range of Kits: Unique custom and vintage drum kits from legendary drummers and top drum brands.
• Signature Styles and Sounds: Authentic techniques and recording equipment used in the session to recreate drum sounds from iconic Classic Rock albums to Jazz, Soul, Blues, Hip Hop, World, Pop and other styles.
• Ready to Go Stereo Mixes! Stereo mixed kit pieces with overall level control of the kick, snare, toms, hats and cymbals. Stereo Kits load fast and are incredibly efficient on your computer power. It's ideal for laptops!
Unprocessed Natural Acoustic Sound: Recorded naturally with no additional processing for maximum flexibility to produce, process and engineer within your DAW.
• GM and iMap Drum Maps: Both General Midi and Sonic Reality’s award-winning iMap™ drum layouts for the ultimate in compatibility and expressive realism when creating drum tracks.
• Left and Right Hand Alternate Hits! Drum Masters iMap kits have left and right stick alternate hits on separate keys for avoiding machine gun effect and simulating a drummer’s natural alternating two hand playing.
• Dynamic Velocities and Multiple Drum Positions! Drum Kits are mapped both with multiple velocities and a variety of positions of each drum from center to edge to rim.
• Ideal Material to Use with Effect Plug-ins: Process each mic channel separately or together through your favorite studio effects plug-ins and channel strip EQ in your DAW.
• Unlimited Custom Kits Can Be Made! Drum Master kits are flexible and customizable allowing the ability to swap out kit pieces between kits to create your own custom hybrid drum kits.
• Uses the Infinite Player Software: All Drum Masters Kits and Grooves are played from Sonic Reality’s Infinite Player library for Kontakt, which works stand alone for the Mac and PC and as a plug-in for major DAWS like ProTools, Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Digital Performer and more.
• Endlessly Expandable Collection! With the Infinite Player you can expand and add more Sonic Reality drum kits, grooves and other instrument sounds to your collection.


Mapping Modes: iMap, GM, V-Drum, Custom


iMap is a proprietary MIDI note mapping/drum kit layout scheme developed by Sonic Reality that facilitates improved live performance of drum kits via MIDI keyboard. iMap places drums in their most flexible and intuitive position, allowing each of the fingers on both hands independent and coordinated control over the sampled kit. With little practice, it is possible to lay down complete drum grooves in a single take that have incredible feel and groove. I-Map has left and right stick positions per drum as well as a variety of positions from center to edge to rim. It includes additional performance articulations you don’t often get from other drum products such as left and right keys for snare rolls, separate ghost notes, hat foot open, chokes, crashing rides and more.

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GM (General MIDI)

GM is the classic mapping format for standard  MIDI files. Sonic Reality’s IMAP/GM remapping button works by putting selected IMAP notes remapped to GM notes instead. You can change an entire multi kit from IMAP to GM with one simple key switch. This offers the best of cutting edge expression without sacrificing universal compatibility with GM MIDI loops.


All Drum Masters 2 kits have been mapped for Roland's TD-20 V-Drum brain.  V-Drum mapping features include a snare drum rimshot/sidestick switch and intricate hi-hat articulation controls.   Round robin randomization and detailed articulation sampling introduce a realistic approach to e-drumming!


Assign any articulation of any instrument to any MIDI note!  By either using the MIDI Learn function or an interface knob, this mapping panel allows for ultimate flexibility for use with any electronic drum kit, multi-pad controller or any other MIDI device.



About Sonic Reality's Infinite Player

Infinite Player is a licensing mechanism that authorizes Sonic Reality sounds to be played in Native Instrumens Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player.  Kontakt is the industry's leading sampler and, combined with Sonic Reality's immaculate sampling and thorough scripting, allows for ultimate flexibility.

By registering the Infinite Player, any of Sonic Reality's sounds for Kontakt can be easily installed and expanded.  The Infinite Player library will appear in your Kontakt library in the same manner that the Kontakt Library, Akoustik Piano, or Elektrik Piano would.  After the one-time installation of the Infinite Library, all newly installed Sonic Reality sound sets for Kontakt will automatically appear!


All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  Any brand and model names are for reference only; no affiliation is implied.

Drum Kit Overview

Please note this is for quick reference of main content and is not meant to show accurate stereo positioning or extra kit pieces that may also be a part of the kit.

Kit Pieces:

DW Kick Drum: 20" x 16"
DW Snare: 14" x 5.5" (Maple)
DW 2 Rack Tom(s): 10" x 9" & 12" x 10"
DW 2 Floor Toms: 14" x 12" & 16" x 14"
Sabian AAX Fusion 14" Hi Hats
Sabian HH Leo Ride Cymbal 21”
Zildjian A Custom 3 Crash Cymbals 15" 16" 17"
Sabian Evolution O-zone 16"

Kit Size: Over 447 MB (zipped)
Kit Brand: DW
Wood: Maple
Stick Type: Stick

Multis (full kit patches):

Classic Rock STm Kit GM.nkm
Classic Rock STm Kit IMAP.nkm
Classic Rock STm Kit VDRM.nkm

Instruments (kit piece patches):

Classic Rock Crash 1 GM.nki
Classic Rock Crash 2 GM.nki
Classic Rock Crash 3 GM.nki
Classic Rock Hat GM.nki
Classic Rock Kick GM.nki
Classic Rock Ozone GM.nki
Classic Rock Ride GM.nki
Classic Rock Snare GM.nki
Classic Rock Tom 1 GM high.nki
Classic Rock Tom 1 GM.nki
Classic Rock Tom 2 GM.nki
Classic Rock Tom 3 GM.nki
Classic Rock Tom 4 GM low.nki
Classic Rock Tom 4 GM.nki
Classic Rock Crash 1 IMAP.nki
Classic Rock Crash 2 IMAP.nki
Classic Rock Crash 3 IMAP.nki
Classic Rock Hat IMAP.nki
Classic Rock Kick IMAP.nki
Classic Rock Ozone IMAP.nki
Classic Rock Ride IMAP.nki
Classic Rock Snare IMAP.nki
Classic Rock Tom 1 IMAP.nki
Classic Rock Tom 2 IMAP.nki
Classic Rock Tom 3 IMAP.nki
Classic Rock Tom 4 IMAP.nki
Classic Rock Crash 1 VDRM.nki
Classic Rock Crash 2 VDRM.nki
Classic Rock Crash 3 VDRM.nki
Classic Rock Hat VDRM.nki
Classic Rock Kick VDRM.nki
Classic Rock Ozone VDRM.nki
Classic Rock Ride VDRM.nki
Classic Rock Snare VDRM.nki
Classic Rock Tom 1 VDRM.nki
Classic Rock Tom 2 VDRM.nki
Classic Rock Tom 3 VDRM.nki
Classic Rock Tom 4 VDRM.nki

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  Any brand and model names are for reference only; no affiliation is implied.


Kit Size: 447 MB (zipped)
Kit Brand: DW
Wood: Maple
Stick Type: Stick

Kit Info: This immaculately recorded drum kit for Sonic Reality's Infinite Player conjures up the sounds of Classic Rock artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The Doors, Black Sabbath, and more! The Classic Rock kit is a professional-quality recording of a six-piece DW drum kit with a wide array of cymbal sizes and types. Turn your tracks into modern classics with the Classic Rock Multitrack Drum Kit for the Infinite Player!

Minimum System Requirements

PC: Windows XP Pentium 3 / Athlon XP 2GHz - XP & Vista Compatible, 2 GB RAM, DVD Drive, *An activated Sonic Reality Infinite Player + Kontakt Player or Full version 3.5 of higher is required to play these sounds.

MAC: Mac OS 10.2.6, G5 1.2 GHz - Universal Binary Intel Mac Compatible , 2 GB RAM, DVD Drive, *An activated Sonic Reality Infinite Player + Kontakt Player or Full version 3.5 of higher is required to play these sounds. [Note: Kontakt Player 4 may also be used but is not compatible with PPC Mac]

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  Any brand and model names are for reference only; no affiliation is implied.


Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

Audio Demos

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