Alan Parsons Imperial Grand Piano Refill for Reason

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The Alan Parsons Imperial Grand Piano recorded in the style of Dark Side of the Moon using the same microphones and vintage EMI TG12345 mixing console. One of the most magnificent grand pianos in the world has been captured in all its 24-bit high resolution chromatically sampled, multiple-velocity glory and can now be played by any keyboard player regardless of their budget. Recorded at Mark Knopfler's British Grove Studios in London, the rare 97 key 9-1/2 foot Bösendorfer Model 290 Imperial Grand was sampled by Alan Parsons and Dave Kerzner, founder of Sonic Reality, and the SR team in meticulous detail. 

“It’s been a pleasure working with Alan Parsons on products like Nick Mason Drums, recreating timeless drum sounds in the style of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon for musicians to use in their own music” says Dave Kerzner, CEO of Sonic Reality and co-producer of the Alan Parsons Sample Project “Now with Alan’s series of sample libraries we’re covering other classic instrument sounds from rock history such as this amazing Imperial Grand Piano and more to come!”






This product contains 3 separate refills: 24-bit, 16-bit and Eco.  The Eco version has 3 less velocity layer and fewer samples in the overall keymap. For users on 32-bit Windows system, you must use the Eco Refill.  These refills work with Reason 6 or higher. 


Sample Format
sounds may be used in all samplers supporting the following formats

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