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Announcing Ocean Way Drums SE - Volumes 1 - 3 Released!! -

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Announcing Ocean Way Drums SE !! Three great Infinite Player Libraries for Kontakt: Volumes 1-3. Each Volume includes 5 stereo drum kits recorded with 3 different ambiences (15 total kits per volume) at the legendary Ocean Way Studios in Los Angeles. Ocean Way Drums SE was created by acclaimed producer/engineers Allen Sides and Steven Miller in Ocean Way Recording s famous Studio B.  The remarkable acoustics of Ocean Way s historic Studio B enabled each instrument to be recorded at the optimal distance and angle - and with the microphones that best captured the full frequency and dynamic range of that instrument. Ocean Way Drums SE puts the sound and power of Ocean Way Recording, the most awarded studio complex in the world, right in your hands! Requires the Infinite Player -- included FREE for a limited time ($50 value!). Coming soon for SampleTank and Reason!

MSRP $99 per volume

Speciai: Login for best price!per volume

Ocean Way Drums SE Volume 1  : 9 GB  |    Ocean Way Drums SE Volume 2 : 9.5 GB   |    Ocean Way Drums SE Volume 3 : 10.4 GB

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