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New Ocean Way Drums Videos released -

Ocean Way Drums video are available at the Sonic Reality website

OCEAN WAY DRUMS is the world s finest sounding Virtual Drum Instrument. It combines the sound of a legendary studio and Grammy®-winning, multi platinum engineering, with top sound designers using the best methods in drum sample programming.

Acclaimed engineer/producers Allen Sides and Steven Miller assembled their favorite drum kits at Ocean Way Studios and developed a unique, discrete multi microphone recording and mixing technique. This technique captures the sound of each instrument with startling spacial clarity and enables the end user to independently adjust each drum and cymbal within the kit from tight and dry, all the way to wide and ambient."

These pristine 24-bit 96K and 48K drum hits were then programmed using Sonic Reality’s powerfully expressive I-Map™ technique - bringing you the best in sound quality and programming - all in one amazingly realistic product.


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