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Lil Jon Says “Sonik Synth is Crazzy!” - Lil Jon "Loves" IK Software and Says “Sonik Synth is Crazzy!”
Interview with Lil Jon and his engineer, Mark Vinten

Recently while Lil Jon was recording at Circle House in Miami, he and his engineer, Mark Vinten, sat down with IK Multimedia and discussed how they ve enjoyed working with IK s line of products.

Lil Jon:  "I just got to say, I love IK. Sonik Synth 2 is Crazzy! Easy 2 use. It took me a couple of days just to go thru all of the sounds! I love it and I have used it for some of my beats..."

Mark Vinten: "We use a lot of Sonik Synth drums. We ve done some tracks with Rob Cavallo, Greenday s Producer and 99% of the drums that got used on a couple of the songs are all from IK products."

IK: Do you use it on keyboards too?

Mark Vinten: "It has the phaser in there and the BPM Button is the craziest thing I love about the stompboxes. It s easy. You re in then you re out... You don t have to dig into a bunch of menus."

Lil Jon is a pioneer of the sub-genre of hip-hop known as "crunk," and has become one of the most in demand beat maker in music. He s worked with Grammy Award-winning record producer Rick Rubin, R. Kelly, Ice Cube, Timbaland, Korn, Three 6 Mafia and many more.

Scheduled for release in 2008 is Lil Jon s first solo album Crunk Rock . It has already boasted 2 hit singles; Snap Yo Fingers which features fellow BME artist E-40 and Sean Paul of YoungBloodZ as well as Act A Fool, which features Three 6 Mafia.

Mark Vinten worked with Lil Jon as his engineer for his Crunk Juice album and in his latest project, Crunk Rock (a mix of Crunk and Rock music).  He has also made music contribution to the Oscar winning movie Hustle and Flow .  His engineering credits extended to Nas, Ciara, Usher, Fat Joe, and Method Man just to name a few.

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