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Ocean Way Drums receives Key Buy Award in the June edition of Keyboard Magazine -

Sonic Reality Ocean Way Drums gold Keybuy AwardIn the June edition of Keyboard magazine, Ocean Way Drums Gold was given outstanding reviews…

“Stunningly great drum sounds, outstanding mapping and very musical…”

“Create a wholly convincing illusion that you spent some major label’s money in some major studio with a major engineer behind a major console.”

“Because of good experiences with other Sonic Reality products, I had high hopes for OWD Gold going in.”

“Couldn’t it all just be marketing hype? Not on your life – after a few weeks with OWD, I can assure you that this is the real thing.”

“There’s simply no way to get the same results for less time and less money.”

In conclusion he remarks…

“ For its unprecedented flexibility of manipulation of the acoustic space in which the drums were recorded, and for the producers’ impeccable taste in creating drum sounds that are timeless and not trendy, Ocean Way Drums is a clear Key Buy winner.


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