70s Pop Drums for Stylus RMX

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70s Pop Drums features more than 300 studio-quality grooves covering 70s Pop styles, from solid slower grooves to high-energy faster grooves.  These flexible tempo grooves include a wide range of 70s Pop styles, such as The Eagles, the Doobie Brothers, Chicago, Blood Sweat & Tears, Billy Joel, Cat Stevens, and more!  Grooves range from 98 to 150bpm.

Total Size: 910MB

About the R.M.X. Style Pak Series :

  This collection is the ideal writing and production tool for any musician and a great addition to Stylus RMX. To install your Stylus Expansion Grooves, just follow the instructions included into the READ ME. It is simple as drag and drop a folder in the correct Stylus installation folder and that's it!


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